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The good news, the Japanese Beetles should be just about over this year. The bad news, there should be record amounts of them next year. They lay their eggs in the soil right now and the soil moisture conditions are perfect for them to survive. So just imagine the end of June next year and 50 times the number we saw this year.

Spiders are good housekeepers and keep their webs repaired and consume old unused webs.  An exception is the cellar spider (Daddy long legs spider ) which let massive amounts of web accumulate over time. They are good spiders in that eat other spiders.  When you see movies of haunted houses or Indiana Jones in caves sweeping webs out of the way, those are cellar spider webs. Not really that scary after all.

Ever wonder what people did about Bed Bugs in the past? One successful but messy method was to spread bean leaves in and around their beds. The leaves have tiny hairs that trap the bugs. The next day they would clean up the leaves, burn them and spread out new leaves. Scientists have not yet been able to synthesize a similar but less messy material.
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