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Matt ManOne Rudge
Open Sauce main man and Professional Sound Gobbler
Open Sauce main man and Professional Sound Gobbler
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Happy new year all!

We start 2012 with details of the next LEVIATHAN event in Hong Kong on January 20th featuring my good self and Pablo Cartel in our TESKO EVANGELISTS outfit.

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Tesko Evangelists - LIVE DJ sets from Man One & Pablo Cartel featuring mostly Techno and House music, kicks off tonight at 2pm GMT, 9pm HTK on Ustream

International Open Sauce vibes!

First up we're on Oz Radio Jakarta tonight from 9pm-11pm WIT (3pm-5pm GMT) with Man One for the Open Sauce show.

Then we're off to The Silver Bullet in Finsbury Park, LDN on Sat for Open Sauce Live with Offshore, Elan Tamara, RemDog (AkA Remi Rough), The Hinderance, Don Grizzly and more!

Should be an excellent weekend then!

DJing tonight at "Basement" in Central Hong Kong after my weekly Open Sauce radio show on Kicking off the weekend with some big bass is always a good start. 

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Getting ready for Open Sauce show tonight on Oz Radio Jakarta tonight from 9pm - 11pm WIT / 3pm-5pm GMT. Tune in at Who's involved?

I do enjoy a spinning a bit of Moombahton in my DJ sets but I always pitch the tracks up to 120 BPM so then it's just house innit?

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Check out the new album KanZeOn ReIndications featuring Man One, Kid Kanevil, Tatsuki*, Ta2umi + more. Drops September 21st for ony £5 or a small slice of your local currency

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Just finished a MASSIVE update to my website including new photos, music, videos and my new DJ mix, USER.

Check it out below and download it for free over at

And so begins another social network. Hello everyone! I do things with sounds. You can find out more at
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