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Friday Fun Stuff

More videos! (Because finding non-video stuff takes work!)

There's a new "Princess" Rap Battle out! This time Hermione vs Katniss.

But watch out if you haven't read all the books/seen all the movies yet, there are some pretty serious spoilers in there!

(Though this Hermione doesn't look that much like film Hermione to me.)

And the Doubleclicks have put out a new song about the standard kilogram. (And kirinn gets props for actually taking the time to color one of the images and send it in!)

And on a less musical note, they finally did an Honest Trailer for Star Wars.

Kinda surprised they hadn't done that already, but this is certainly a good time for it.

But just remember, Leia shot first! ;)

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Donaithnen Keir

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I ended up watching one of those auto-generated YouTube mixes, based off of a geeky parody song i happen to like. I got through a lot of songs, some i knew, some i didn't, some were awesome, some not so much.

One parody intrigued me enough that i ended up following some links and reading some background to figure out how it came to be.

Like most other people i suspect, i've heard bits and pieces of "Somebody That I Used to Know" a number of times, but i'd never seen any of the videos before.

So in 2011 Gyote released the original video, which i thought was okay but nothing spectacular.

There were a number of covers of it, but one of the more famous ones was by "Walk off the Earth", who had a gimmick where all five members of the band were playing a single guitar at the same time. It's an amusing trick, but i'm still kinda meh about the song.

So then "Key of Awesome" made a parody of the video of the cover band, which i find hilarous.

But anyways, as long as i'm at it, here are some of the other parodies that i thought were decent (though not quite as good as the ones i've gushed about in the past =)

Star Wars Let it Flow parody:

Star Wars All About That Base parody:

Leia the Disney Princess (which is half cute and half terrifying)

And i'm pretty sure i've posted these ones before, but they came up on the list, and they're awesome :)

SJ Tucker - Playing D&D:

Paul & Storm: Write Like the Wind

Library Bards - All About That Space 

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Donaithnen Keir

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(Long post is long!)

We went to see Rush at the Irvine Meadows Amphitheater on thursday two weeks ago.

(Until recently it was the "Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre". Perhaps Verizon decided sponsoring a venue where cell network isn't that great to begin with and gets overloaded during events was a bad idea?)

The concert itself was great, getting to and from the concert, not so much.

Traffic, Lots and Lots of Traffic:

Traffic going south on the 405 isn't good at the best of times, but last thursday it was especially bad. (This is not the first time southbound traffic on the 405 has been especially bad on the evening of a Rush concert, but since it cleared up before we got to Irvine i don't think the concert was to blame.)

Avalyn left Marina del Rey at 3:45 and got to Long Beach at 5:30. Even if you allow some time at the ends for getting on and off the freeway and out of and into parking lots, that's still about 1:15 - 1:30 in traffic, for a trip that under ideal conditions would take about 30 minutes.

We left Long Beach at 5:45, and of course had to get back on the 405 and back into traffic. It wasn't as bad at this point, and it continued to lighten up as we got further south. It seemed like we still might be a little early as we approached Irvina at around... 7ish? But then we had to get off the freeway. Or at least try to get off the freeway. The first exit looked jam packed, though it's hard to tell exactly how slowly things (aren't) moving when driving by at freeway speed, but bad enough that we decided to follow the recommendation of the freeway signs directing concert traffic to the second exit.

If we made the "correct" choice, i don't even want to think about what the other route was like. The exit ramp was a very long one, one of those ones with multiple lanes and merging on and off the freeway with other exits. To get to the amphitheatre we needed to go right. There were three left turn lanes but only a single right lane. And it came to a dead stop about halfway to the turn. Of course a number of other people ignored the signs and continued on in the second lane, only to cut over into the right lane when they got close to the turn. We had an idiot in front of us who refused to move up and kept letting cars in in front of him, at least four or five of them during the entire process. It took us at least 10-15 minutes just to get to the turn. It was a little better after that, until we got a bit closer and once again things closed to a stop.

I didn't check the exact times, but we spent at least 45 minutes from the time we got off the freeway to the time we parked, probably close to an hour. The parking lot was a mess too, there was a noted lack of people directing traffic and we wandered down a couple rows that were all completely full before finding out way to the back lot, basically a big dirt field with no guidelines. We parked at the end of one of the rows and headed in.

I do know that as we were walking from the lot to the gate it was around 8, because that was the point i complained on twitter about the total drive being almost exactly 4 hours (from Avalyn's starting point.) Avalyn hadn't eaten anything all day, so we stopped to get her some food and while i was waiting for that she went to use the restroom. (There was no way i was waiting in the huge line to go the men's restroom.)

Despite the fact that they were theoretically supposed to go on at 8 we only missed half of the first song before we got to our seats at 8:23 (according to twitter.) I'm not sure if they intentionally delayed things because of the mess out on the streets and in the parking lot or if it was just a convenient coincidence, but in any case i was grateful.

The Concert Itself:

They had a gimmick this tour. They started playing stuff from their latest album (which is admittedly pretty normal at a lot of concerts, though more so when it's a new album whereas Clockwork Angels is three years at this point,) and then proceeded to work backwards in time going through 15 of their 19 albums (not counting "Feedback", their cover album.)

They did Roll the Bones, accompanied by a video of several presumably famous people mouthing along to the lyrics. The only one of them i recognized was Peter Dinklage, and i wondered a bit how they roped him into it, until i found out later that his brother, Jonathan Dinklage, is a violinist who's performed with Rush before.

They played a selection from Cygnus X-1/Hempisphere. The entire thing would be either 18 minutes or 38 minutes, depending on if you wanted to include the segment from the end of Farewell to Kings, but i think this was the first time i'd heard them perform even a subset of it, which was pretty cool.

They did Jacob's Ladder, which really isn't one of my favorites but apparently they hadn't performed it live for 35 years before this tour, so that was kind of cool.

They "wrapped up" with 2112. It is pretty normal for them to play a couple segments of it at concerts, since as is the case with Cygnus X-1 it would be infeasible to do the whole 20 minute thing, but this time they added in an extra two segments that i don't think i've heard live before, so that was pretty awesome.

There was an encore of course. However fitting with the theme of the concert, the encore consisted of songs from the albums, in order, "Caress of Steel", "Fly by Night", and the eponymous "Rush".

After the first song of the encore i started thinking; Avalyn wasn't feeling too well, we were all the way in the back of the parking lot, and the encore was clearly going to be all my least favorite songs. (Given the changes Rush has gone through over the years i'm reasonably sure everyone has their own favorite periods, and the early stuff is not mine.)

So i decided we should bail early and try to get out of Dodge before the parking went to hell ...which was a nice theory.

The Traffic Out:

We were about halfway back to the parking lot when we heard them playing what turned out to be the second to last song, "Working Man". Which was kind of ironic given that a big part of the reason we were leaving early was that we both had work the next morning =P I'm informed that they played an unreleased track, "Garden Roads", after that, but either it was quieter than Working Man or we were too far away at that point to hear. They may also have done a closing video as well.

We got to the car and headed out, or at least tried to. Remember how i said this was an unpaved, unpainted, unregulated section? The cars were generally parked in lines, but they were not straight lines. The first way i tried to get out two of the lines had meandered a little too close together for me to get through. So i turned down a lane, and at the end discovered that a single asshole had parked his car sticking out halfway into the "lane", preventing anyone from getting through. So i had to turn around (luckily there was a free spot) and ended up joining a small queue of people who'd found a break in one of the lines where two cars in a row had already left. We felt a little like ants blindly following a phermone trail of those who'd gone before, assuming that there was something good at the end.

We did make it out of the dirt lot and onto the paved area. We then made it somewhere between 1/2 and 3/4th of the way down the lane leading to the three lane "thoroughfare" through the parking lot to the exit. And then we stopped moving. For an hour.

Judging by the evidence pretty much the entire rest of the lot had cleared out by the time we finally started moving again. If i were being charitable i might believe that there were people directing traffic that prevented the people in the back from moving at all. But since i didn't see any such people until after we got out of the lot, right before we got to the main street, i'm thinking it was really just some people towards the back who just weren't aggressive enough.

One could argue that it makes sense to have everyone leave in order, but merging all the lanes together, however slowly that makes things go, seems a lot more fair to me.

But in any case, clearly i should have decided to jump ship earlier. If we'd started heading out right when 2112 ended we probably would have made it out before things locked up.

So we got out of the lot around... 12:45 i think? We stopped by my work so Avalyn could get her car, and we were home and in the process of heading to bed around 1:45 i think.

So aside from the traffic issues it was a great concert. (Too bad we didn't think to take a little time off work and get an early start.) I'm a little sad that we didn't get to hear Dreamline, though i have heard it in concert before. And i'm a little sad that there was nothing from Presto or Hold Your Fire, probably my two favorite albums, or Test For Echo, the first album that came out after i became an active fan.

We had some thoughts about going to the Saturday concert in LA at the Forum as well, assuming we could find last minute tickets, but we were both feeling pretty tired from a very busy week and just ended up staying home instead.

I've pondered whether i'll regret that, or regret not having gotten tickets for that concert instead in the first place, if this turns out to be their last tour. (They have said it was their last "major" tour, which leaves some wiggle room.) I've been to five other Rush concerts before this. Four of them were at the Amphitheatre. One of them was at a stadium in Anaheim (for some reason they didn't play the Irvine Amphitheatre in that tour.) The stadium concert was a pale shadow of the Amphitheatre concerts.

The show at the Forum might be their last concert, and it apparently had some celebrity appearances. But i go to concerts to see and hear Rush's music. In the end i'm okay with saying that i went to their last amphitheatre concert ever (in the same place i saw them at the first time, for a nostalgia bonus) rather than their last concert period.

But i do kind of regret that they didn't play "Losing It" at the Amphitheatre. It seems like they played it at about half the shows, LA won and Irvine lost. Given the subject matter of the song and the reasons for why this is probably their last big tour it must have made a very bittersweet performance =/

And finally, here are a couple links, for anyone who's curious, or for reference by myself later.

A review of the last show:

Some commentary about why it may be their last tour, period:

And a bunch of set lists, including the ones for this tour: 

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Donaithnen Keir

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Rap Battle Battle! Part 2!

However i actually enjoyed the Maleficent vs Daenerys video that came out this week more. It's kind of too bad that Princess Rap Battle only comes out every month or so, but i guess at least that way they'll hopefully run a long time before getting pressed for ideas :)

(Although it should be noted that this one is a bit more explicit than the ERB video.)
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Donaithnen Keir

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I usually prefer a few more changes to the lyrics in my song parodies, but this one is still pretty awesome!

(Also, is there some canonical source for Captain Hook being rather dopey, or has Johnny Depp's legacy spread to affect all movie pirates now?)
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Hook wasn't exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer in Disney's Peter Pan, either -- Peter generally got to fly rings around him.

Unsure whether that counts as "canonical".  I am unfamiliar with the book.
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Donaithnen Keir

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"Why is there an empty tub of butter on the counter?"

"As a warning to the next ten generations that some favors come with too high a price."


"Also, as a reminder that we're out of butter."

In other news, i successfully made toasted cheesy bagels without burning down the apartment! I didn't even manage to set off the smoke detectors!

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Okay, you're not going to hear me say things like this often, but i actually like the new G+ update!

To be clear, it's still Flat/Material Design, and i don't like Flat design or Material design. However G+ has always been Flat, so it's not like they made it worse in that regard.

What i do like is that information is available and everything stays put! The main menu instead of being a thing that appears when you mouse over it and disappears when you move the mouse again is now just always on the left hand side! And the top bar doesn't change at all when you scroll up and down! So nothing in the UI is moving unless i tell it to move! I love that!

I'm not too happy with the new floaty button in the lower right for making new posts. I really don't like floaty buttons. But since i have G+ reduced to a single column i can just pretend that there's an invisible right sidebar that the new post button is attached to.

One downside is that i can't figure out how to switch between which circle i'm viewing at the moment. Because of the continuing problem with G+ showing you a rather random selection of posts in a somewhat random order i often have to switch to a more restricted circle if i want to be sure i see everything from the people i actually care about, so i need to figure out how to do that again.

...and while trying to figure that out i just realized that if you actually select one of the options from the main menu on the left the whole UI slides around and morphs to the format for whatever option you selected shudder

Well, as long as i don't have to do that often it's not too bad?

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Yeah, i found the notification option eventually. The same post that informed me about that also indicated that if you switch back to the old version you can actually change the order of the circles so the ones you want will show up. (I have more circles that the menu allows, and previously the ones i actually wanted to use were all past the bottom and thus inaccessible =P)

As for the slideshow of comments thing, i hadn't actually noticed that at the time i made the post. It's certainly not my favorite feature, but i don't mind it too much since no UI elements are actually moving.

A much bigger showstopper is that you apparently don't get any kind of notification anymore on the new feed when new posts are available. You have to reload the whole page to see them.
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Hey guess what! I'm still alive!

Work has been really busy the last couple months, but it's starting to let up a little, so i thought i'd celebrate Friday the 13th (yay!) by actually writing something!

Weird Al had a concert at the Greek a little over a month ago. We actually discovered this while there earlier for a concert by Lindsey Stirling and decided we wanted to go right away, but delayed for awhile on getting tickets.

Then we asked thumbiethumbie and shamiksanshamiksan if they were interested in going too, and waited to get an answer back from them.

Between one delay and another by the time we got around to buying the tickets, about a week ahead of time i think, all the really good seats in the front section were sold out. But so were all the front seats in the cheap section.

If we wanted (relatively) cheap seats we either had to be all the way in the back, or up on one of the balconies. However there were still seats in the middle section, which unfortunately were priced the same as most of the seats in the front section.

It seemed kind of annoying to have to pay front section pricing for middle section seats.I'm guessing a lot of other people felt the same way though, either that or someone else canceled out. Because when we actually tried selecting that section it offered seats on the (house) left center aisle just three rows back.

After some consideration we decided it was almost like being at the rear of the front section, and aisle seats are nice, so we decided to go for it.

So the day of the concert we carpooled up with thumbie and shamiksan. We got there early and got some food and drinks and chatter with each other and with some other random fans who were also there early getting food and drinks.

Since Avalyn likes to have the aisle seat i'd pulled "person who bought the tickets" prerogative and given that seat to her. And when it was actually time to go out to our seats we discovered they were even better than we thought. It turned out that for some reason the first two rows in the section don't extend all the way to the aisle. Instead there's a short stairway coming down from the start of the third row. Which meant that there wasn't actually anyone sitting in front of Avalyn and i. Which along with the walkway between the sections meant that we had a very clear view.

So we were already quite happy with the seats and were having a great time. What we didn't realize until it got to that part of the concert is that during "Wanna B Ur Lover", the song consisting entirely of cheesy pick-up lines, Weird Al actually walks out into the audience and serenades random women with different verses. And he happened to pick the stage right aisle to walk up, i.e. the one we were on.

As he was coming up the aisle i was wondering how long the song was and if he was going to continue up into the second section or turn around at that point. But the song was long enough, and he came up into the second section, and stopped at our row and sang a verse or so to Avalyn :)

So once i was sitting next to someone who was being sung to by Weird Al (along with about 20 other women.) Lame claim to fame right there!

Unfortunately i don't have any pictures. It didn't seem like he was dissuaded by all the people taking pictures of him, but i didn't want to risk scaring him off by being primed and ready to shove my phone in his face. I did get a couple pictures while he was at the top of the first section, and a couple more after he passed our row.

I did find a YouTube video from someone else who was there and filming, but unfortunately(?) they were in the front section, and just about the point Weird Al crossed up to the middle section their view was blocked.

But in any case i'm very glad for the serendipity that ended up having us get those seats :) 

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To reiterate the first part of the post:

Sorry i'm a little late with the update. Work has been hell for the last week, and i came down with a bad case of con crud on top of it. But here you go, finally!

And if you want to see the list (and my thoughts) you'll have to go to the blog post, because G+ just does not do tables.

The List:
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Rap Battle Battle! Part 1!

Two Rap Battle videos came out in the last couple days.

Epic Rap Battles of History did Copperfield vs Houdini a week or two ago, but i thought that one was actually kind of boring. However this week's "Terminator vs Robocop" was actually pretty good!

(On a related note Everything Wrong With and Honest Trailers both did Terminator 2 videos this week too. Because of course everyone wants to get in on the Terminator hype.)
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Donaithnen Keir

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Everyone knows that spam is email that you didn't ask for and don't want.

I just found out that the term "bacn", obviously derived from bacon, is the term for email that would normally be classified as spam, but that you subscribed to because it's (theoretically) of interest to you. You know, all those electronic newsletters and mailing lists and such that are specific to your interests and that sounded like a good idea at the time.

And despite the fact that this term has been in use since 2007 (, according to google no one else has made the immediate jump to "fakn".

"Fakn", obviously derived from fakon ( is the term for stuff that would normally be classified as bacn, except that you didn't subscribe to it. Someone else who clearly doesn't know their own email address signed you up for it. (Arguably it could also cover email lists that someone else maliciously signed you up for.) It is email that clearly some people might want to receive, just not you.

Since no one else that i can find has claimed credit for inventing such an obvious and punny term, i'm going to steak a claim to it myself :) 

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I knew about "ham" vs "spam", but "bacn" seems like a new & useful concept.
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It's friday, i just bought tickets for the Anime Expo Masquerade and AMV Contest events (and got decent seats too,) i have gumbolaya, red beans and rice, and hushpuppies from Ragjn Cajun to eat, and i get to play Final Fantasy 14 all evening. Life is pretty good :)

Well, except for the bit where the reason i can play FF14 all evening is because Avalan is out of town tonight and most of saturday, but aside from that it's all good. 

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