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I used to go to this "mini-golf" place when I was a teenager (over twenty years ago). It was a really nice place. The design of the golf holes is very challenging. But now you can tell that it hasn't really been maintained for years. Even from the road and driving by at 45 miles per hour you can tell just by the overgrown vegetation this business isn't maintained. Yesterday we went there with our youth group and I was appalled! Here are a few of my concerns: - There is a terrible sewer stench where you pay for your "mini-golf" experience. - There is an obvious building hazard with the disconnected railing on their deck next to the waterfall. We sat there, away from the disconnected railing, for a little while waiting for the other half of our youth group but being downwind from the sewer stench it just became too much to bare. - The vegetation is way overgrown and on certain holes it affects play. I think the owners think the weeds are nice plants. - The greens for golf holes are worn and probably the original greens from twenty plus years ago. - The perimeter of the greens are mostly bricks grouted into place, but due to vandalism or weathering many are no longer in place. - Anything wood, from the steps to the retaining walls to the bridges, are decayed to dilapidation. It doesn't take a "trained eye" to realize that when you step on the wood it is moving from decay. Several steps have been repaired but only with "band-aide" fixes. And on one of the latter holes, 16 I think, the retaining wall has already given way. - The sandbox has a tree trunk from a blown over tree. It isn't a huge issue but it certainly doesn't add to the experience. - I'm glad we didn't give the kids ice cream from this business. I'm confident that the lack of maintenance on the outside of their facility has to be similar on the inside where they serve the ice cream from. I feel sorry for the owners as I'm guessing there are financial difficulties involved. But I do not think this business should be open at all. Overall just a very sad experience!
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