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Political and protest posters are popular today especially in student circles around the world. Most of my poster album in are political or on social subjects. This Facebook album contains 40+ posters created over my career and only part of my poster designs.

You can see that I am using various design techniques keeping the character of my style  without hard visual expressions. In my opinion political posters have to speak in a cultivated and sophisticated manner
by eliminating brutal visuals (The "Stop it" posters are an exception !) This is most important for the for the mental education of the young generation. Even with hard subjects I keep esthetically balance of colors and forms for Better absorption of the basic idea.

My social posters speak for themselves. I would like to create more posters, like the one for preventing road accidents. without using type slogans. Such kind of posters speaks internationally.

If you like posters be welcomed to:   and leave your comment or at least let me know if you 'like" it .

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Sorry for the mistakes in the text in my previous post because not checking spelling. Read now the corrected text and forgive me if my literal style is not perfect.

Many of you know that Israel is shacked today by hard protests and manifestations of young people desperate from the anti social and economic policies of the government authorities, discriminating poor by benefiting small group of tycoons.

Loyal to my social and political perceptions, I am presenting here one of my posters created in the beginning of this century. Is this going to be the future of the social order around the world ?

You are invited and allowed to mail this image to as many as you can addresses for enhancing the most reasonable batle of the humanity in this world for better social and economic justice.

See more of my posters at

Yours friendly Asher
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