Also, "Just because the alphabet begins with “A” and finishes with “Z,” do not feel obligated to detail all twenty-four letters in between." Excellent advice, indeed.
We need more audience advocates

I'd never suggest anyone get into broadcast news (it's the devil), but there's some excellent editorial advice in this short piece (


"... whether reporting on politics, economics, science, the law, a union dispute, or some local problem like a broken water line, identify a single theme, storyline, or character, and stay true to it. Get to the point. Write for your viewers, not your bosses."

I call this audience advocacy.

We need more writers, reporters and editors who think about the audience above all else. It's not about you. It's not about your organization. It's about giving the audience something useful. Do that consistently and you'll naturally address your own needs and the needs of your organization.
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