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How to Reduce Paper Towel Usage.
Shake and fold. So simple. #greatness by +TEDx.

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.Have a Relaxing Happy Sunday Night!
He wasted a lot of paper demonstrating that :-P
Not really if it causes one person to use 4, 5, or 6 fewer towels per day.
That's true. I was being a little facetious, I don't really think he wasted paper.
don't worry +Ian Bright , not a stab a you. your ":-P" made it clear it was a jest. But most paper towels are from forests created specifically for the production of paper.. The more tree's they use, the more they plant.. Its not to be nature friendly or anything. Its if they run out they go bust... Its just good business... It does however make me curious as to why energy companies spend a fortune on getting finite resources and not renewable... but that's for another day..
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