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"There is no more energy in matter than that received from the enviornment"
"There is no more energy in matter than that received from the enviornment"


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31 de octubre de 2013
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Two Babcock and Wilcox boilers of 300 H.P. at the boiler room
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This concrete structure in France was intended to house a Nazi secret weapon, French civilians believe. Five thousand workmen were engaged on it day and night, but after 35 attacks by the RAF the project was abandoned. Construc- tion men hinted that a death ray machine capable of stopping air- craft engines in flight and burning London to the ground was being in- stalled. (Canadian WIB Radio photo received by Beam Wireless.)

In the 1930s the unorthodox inventor Nikola Tesla announced to the world two astonishing new inventions. The first was a particle-beam projector that Tesla intended to be used as an instrument of national defense. He called his system "teleforce." With this machine he declared that a nation could bring wholesale destruction upon invading armies and shoot down fleets of incoming aircraft when they were 200 miles away. While the basic beam weapon concept was first revealed in 1934, on Tesla's 78th birthday, specific details about the actual device have been difficult to obtain.

On July 23, 1934 Time Magazine wrote an article about Tesla's Ray:

"Last week Dr. Tesla announced a combination of four inventions which would make war unthinkable".

Nucleus of the idea is a death ray -- a concentrated beam of sub-microscopic particles flying at velocities approaching that of light. The beam, according to Tesla, would drop an army in its tracks, bring down squadrons of airplanes 250 miles away. Inventor Tesla would discharge the ray by means of:

-a device to nullify the impeding effect of the atmosphere on the particles,

-a method for setting up high potential,

-a process for amplifying that potential to 50,000.000 volts,

-creation of "a tremendous electrical repelling force."

At the age of 81, at a luncheon in his honor, concerning the Death Ray, Tesla stated:

"But it is not an experiment.... I have built, demonstrated and used it. Only a little time will pass before I can give it to the world."

By 1937 it was clear that war would soon break out in Europe. Frustrated in his attempts to generate interest and financing for his "peace beam," he sent an elaborate technical paper, including diagrams, to a number of Allied nations including the United States, Canada, England, France, the Soviet Union, and Yugoslavia. Titled "New Art of Projecting Concentrated Non-Dispersive Energy Through Natural Media," the paper provided the first technical description of what is today called a charged particle beam weapon.

What set Tesla's proposal apart from the usual run of fantasy "death rays" was a unique vacuum chamber with one end open to the atmosphere. Tesla devised a unique vacuum seal by directing a high-velocity air stream at the tip of his gun to maintain "high vacua." The necessary pumping action would be accomplished with a large Tesla turbine.

Of all the countries to receive Tesla's proposal, the greatest interest came from the Soviet Union. In 1937 Tesla presented a plan to the Amtorg Trading Corporation, an alleged Soviet arms front in New York City. Two years later, in 1939, one stage of the plan was tested in the USSR and Tesla received a check for $25,000.
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