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Cub Scout ShootOut today at Camp Ireland
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Are you coming? You should, and here is one reason why.
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Here's the latest Christian Fiction Friday from +Alana Terry and +Hallee Bridgeman. My submission is up, too! It looks like it will be a stay-inside-and-read kind of weekend, so here's some snippets from different authors to whet your appetite.
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Tamara finally got what she'd always wanted. All it took was the complete disintegration of her life.

Karis; Christian YA Superhero series.

Free on Smashwords with coupon code TX44A.

Clean PG-13 rating

My son (he's 8), participated in NaNoWriMo in 2013 and in May, "Portal Magic" is going to be released (with some help from Mom doing edits and everything). We're still looking for beta readers, if anyone is interested in reading a half-finished, not-yet-illustrated middle-grade adventure chapter book. So far, we're getting good reviews from the intended audience (7 - 9-year-old girls and boys).

If anyone is interested, message me here, or email him at thedubbie at gmail dot com. He loves getting email. :-) We'll get you a PDF.


Less than five months until the Christian Indie Authors' Writer’s Conference! I'll be there, with my 8-year-old son, talking about how to help children as young as elementary school write and publish their own books.

With new public school requirements around the country (all writing is informational or persuasion, no longer fiction), children are no longer being allowed to express their creativity. The lessons learned could easily be tweaked to fit an after-school program or a church ministry to the community.

Also, there will be sessions on everything anyone needs to know from just starting out to negotiating a movie deal for your independently-published books!

Hope to see you there! #CIAN2015

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Learn how to write and publish your own books! Register today for the Christian Indie Authors Network Writer’s Conference! #WorldBookDay #CIAN2015

David and I will be there talking about the joys of walking children through writing and publishing their own books!
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How did everyone do on their writing goals for 2014? What are yours for 2015?

I made my goal of publishing one book and my word goal of 150k. Next year, I'm upping my goal back up to 250k and we'll probably get two published (one co-workers with my 7-year-old -- soon to be 8-year-old son).
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