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Neil Fraser
Electrical engineering with a difference
Electrical engineering with a difference


I am passionate about the environment eliminating unnecessary waste of raw materials, unnecessary pollution from landfills and litter, unnecessary waste of power particularly electricity of which South Africa is becoming critically short.

One small but significant area where improvement can be made is with batteries, whether used by cars and trucks, mines, solar power, or in marine and aviation applications.

85% of batteries are discarded/replaced when they are in still working condition, other than suffering sulphation.  The recycling of batteries requires a lot of electrical energy, and those batteries that end up in landfills poison the ground with lead, a very toxic material.

So by promoting Megapulse which considerably lengthens (doubles? trebles?) the useful life of all types of lead acid battery, I hope that one significant benefactor will be the environment, as well as the wallets of battery users.
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