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Very impressed with Samsung, specially the built-in Skype feature. This is paradigm shifting. They just need to build the cameras into the TVs.

People can do video calls and you can even leave a video greeting like, "I'm not here right now...Leave a video message..." and they can leave the message.

Probably where the answering machine was in the 70's or 80's?? except things are being adopted much faster. Love it.

Skype on Samsung TVs
I appreciate that Samsung actually pushes software updates to the their TVs. They don't force you to replace your TV every year to get the latest features.
+Mark Cuban I enjoyed your thoughts on the future of TV on yesterday's B.S. Report.
Agreed. I'm listening to the BS Report right now. You're both an intelligent and fascinating guy. I know you don't do many podcasts, but I enjoy when you sit down with Bill Simmons.
I am waiting until December when the CES shows new OLED tvs come out.
Exciting stuff happening this year in Tech.
Do you ever get the feeling you've stepped into a Jetson's episode...?
I just took one back, I didn't see what was so Smart about it, very slow response and lacking key apps. Keep trying Samsung
I have a 2vyear old 46" which only has You Tube, Pandora, Blockbuster(?) and NetFlix(?). Is there any kind of software upgrade to make it a not-so-dumb TV?
i think Smart TVs are going to be an interesting platform going forward. Could change how we watch tv. The question is who will be the primary developer/integrator for the platform
Developers should focus on writing HTML5 apps, which port to all the platforms easily enough.

It would be nice to see Android become a standard platform, even for TVs. We'll see if that happens.
Now if we could only sign up for an OTT version of HDNET I would be all set ;)
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