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You should have your own apprentice show
Would love to see Cuban do his own "Apprentice" type show.
What about the Asian Tech sector?
Bubble, which bubble? ;)
S Rao
obviously..and see the bubbles split..into the wind..
What about the apparent sports team bubble? Really think the Dodgers can justify a 2Bil valuation?
woof! if hes a billionaire then he can house my wayward friends
Technology isn't a bubble. Do your portfolio a favor and buy some diversified funds that include Large Cap, Domestic stocks. Stocks with strong balance sheets and plenty of room to increase dividends.
I'm not even sure if any sort of investing is a good idea right now. Here's the problem: Europe's continuing sovereign debt problems--especially if Portugal, Spain, Italy and/or Greece has to declare sovereign debt default--could SEVERELY "freeze up" the entire credit market worldwide, and that will essentially grind the world's economic activity to a halt with market crash that could wipe out half the world's net worth in a blink of an eye.

As such, we'll end up with a perfect repeat of the 1930's: economic malaise, increased political extremism, and in the end, a general world war.
Euro debt crisis is old news. Important but already factored into domestic stock prices.
I have to disagree, because while the old debt crisis news centered around Greece (which was a lost cause anyway), the new crisis centers around Spain--which has a VASTLY bigger debt crisis problem. If Spain defaults, many large European banks could go down with them, and that could have a very nasty cascade effect of destabilizing banks around the world.
When will google come up with Google Economics? There is an ebb and flow by company by industry. Some are doing well and some aren't. Some manufacturing companies are doing well, some aren't Ditto for food, alternative energy, etc. What does Tech really mean? Look at all the industries under High Tech?
You are blamed for the loss of the series.
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and, this time, the bubble starts with overpaying talent, and may end there.
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