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Can I sue Acacia for endangering my health and well-being by their reckless assertion of patents?
Patent law, the bain of all parallel development. So, should people able to own an idea? or own profits from the bringing the products or services to market? Shall the best products & services be chosen by the markets? As a function of the market wouldn't each of these products & services decrease in price? In the short-term products will be seen as completely similar, but over the long term each would have their own additional features and each at their own rate will been improved over previous models.
Two problems other than the patent laws themselves... it is hard for an individual or small company to make money from their patents so people sell those patents rather than deal with the logistics. Lack of education about patents and the laws that do exist make it difficult for people to even determine whether they are violating a law or infringing on another patent.
I should have known better to comment.... all the ass kissing fanboys are going to blow up my phone and no discussion will take place. Mark maybe you should consider a second account under a pseudo if you want to have real discussions.
Somewhat ironic that trolling is happening on a threat about patent trolls... +Pam Adger, please ignore them and continue the discussion
This, in part, is why China is doing so well. Since they lack accountability for patent laws, one can go on eBay and search for a device that does something exactly like they want it to do... Such as an hdmi to srs decoder, and they have it! One, they have no reason to wait to make the device (e.g.patent pending laws can take a few years). Two, they have the advantage over most people/corporations that wont patent something because it might not bring in huge revenues. Three, they have the advantage over the little guy that says "why even risk selling an unpatented device, only to risk being sued later when someone later claimes it was their idea." Four, they say "whats the big deal if competition comes in and makes the same widget cheaper than I can," because they are already prepared at building the next device. Not to say china has the ideal system, but to me, a socialistic structured society will be the only cure for stifled innovation. Go open source, go google!
Odom was not any help he has to get his mind right.
"...buying and exploiting the inventions of others" Sounds like SharkTank
In my clinic, if we come up with ideas, we consider those ideas to be open source immediately. We hope mental health check ups takes off in a much bigger way because they are potentially the most important part of overall health.
progress by definition is an open source project old friend...//
what the heck are you talking about nick hoffman
Looks like a perfectly novel and unobvious patent to me: 1. A method of refreshing bread products, comprising:

a) placing a bread product in an oven having at least one heating element,
b) setting the temperature of the heating elements between 2500 F. and 4500 F., and
c) ceasing exposure of the bread product to the at least one heating element after a period of 3 sec. to 90 sec. (I'm a patent attorney... but I would be glad to find you worse patents, if you're interested. My favorite was IBM's method of choosing a bathroom stall.)
Thanks for posting the article. There's a bottom line issues/problem with patent trollers...companies and start-ups with great ideas get lost in the struggle. This is one of the primary reasons my company is working so hard completely internally, so no one else runs out and files any paperwork before we get an opportunity to or no one runs out and creates what we are working on...just because they have capital, while we do not. I've hard Mark Cuban on programs, speeches and show talk about hard work and dedication to your brand/concept...but companies like the one listed within the article inhibit innovation as far as I'm concerned. Hopefully at some point we'll meet an investment firm that's not out to sell off my entire company...but until then we are keeping everything close and being cautious who we share with at this point! Just my two cents. - JW
Mark, if you can remember, did have a big Patent portfolio? -George
what the freak are you guys talking about
Mark its great to see someone in your position sticking up for the American dream. Keep up the hard work.
+Michael Feigin ...''Looks like a perfectly novel and unobvious patent to me'' ... sarcasm is so apt to be misunderstood.
+Mark Cuban it's Gina Smith, remember me? I did an investigative report with Thomas Ewing on how tech companies are funding "trolls."
Let's get in touch .. working on part 2 .. and a secret project relating : )

Check out ComputerWorld, New York Times and for the story on this. You know how to reach me through Steve Wozniak, but I'm still at

It's aNewDomain.
I didn't like this article because its lacking details, gives one example of a troll, which they could have easily made a bias selection of a vague comment. Simple comments that ideas are "Non-Rival" neglects the much suggestive evidence of the competitive nature of ideas to self-propagate. Many great books on mimetic the author needs to read. The patent Lawyer I know who worked at the patent office went out of his way to make sure written patents where not overly vague. I doubt this journalist even went to the patent office. And a lot of the assumptions are based from an unpublished study. Even that, I don't think MIT started to consider the psychological effects and resulting behavior patterns that associate with numeric until a few years ago. For example, the patent system because it places a reward to ideas, will often influence people to with hold their ideas even from their friends. Which may prevent some clever ideas from being born. +10 to Mark Cuban for missing the "In an Unpublished Study".
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