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Mark Cuban
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Mark Cuban

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The latest texting app is only available for iOS, but an Android version is on the way.
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lez wait n see
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Mark Cuban

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I suggest buying stamps, and exploring the outdoors.
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Mark Cuban

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Good Plan! Go Mavs!
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Mark Cuban

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there was a better interview on Charlie Rose earlier this week with M Lewis
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Mark Cuban

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on the set of the new entourage movie !
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Canada Rocks!! So do ya think Rob Ford available? Soon...He is totally looking for another career or better be .Ratings Sky High!
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Mark Cuban

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The only debt I have is mortgage and I pulled all my qualified funds out last Q3. I'm hoping bonds rise because I'm never going to make the 8% we were all trained to believe was a common return to calculate compound interest. Even with a 5k match and 3% return.... Only land and real estate near certain features and economies will ever let me breathe easy when I'm too old to work.... It's going to be a painful 70 plus years if this is the new normal. 
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Mark Cuban

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A trial attorney from the Securities and Exchange Commission said his bosses were too “tentative and fearful” to bring many Wall Street leaders to heel after the 2008 credit crisis, echoing the regulator’s outside critics.
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I just don't get it. The politician that took these people to court and TRIED to prosecute them would probably win their next five elections. Why do people act against their own self interest?
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Mark Cuban

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In The Wall Street Journal, Mark Cuban and Thomas Melsheimer write that the SEC refused to turn over exculpatory evidence to Cuban and his lawyers for three years.
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you will find out that sec has there own set of rules, who ever your lawyer is he should know any lawyer knows the sec does'nt obay any rules but there own
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Mark Cuban

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Fashion Metric is taking aim at gents who simply crave a smarter way to shop by using search algorithms to create the perfect one-stop shop for fashion.
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Get A JOB ( real JOB )
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Mark Cuban

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Great article on social networks and confirmation of why we started Cyber Dust (
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I'm in agreement with you. Poeple get addicted or dependent on this crud.
To me google plus has been decent and appropriate. I thought at first I was
the only one that notice that network to be bad. Look forward to see more
coments on this topic.
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The latest texting app is only available for iOS, but an Android version is on the way.

Mark Cuban

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