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Welp, Fuck
I'm one month from graduating. One month from getting a piece of paper that says I did sufficiently well enough in my eight semesters of college to graduate. One month from being tossed into even more uncertainty and anxiety that, frankly, I'm not ready for...

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"Hey how ya doing?" "Not great!"
Hey there! I'm not totally great right now! So, I'll be honest here, I'm a trainwreck. A trash fire. A...other things I can call myself. It's 8:32, and I am TIRED. Graduation is coming up, and I've been wait listed for one grad school, while two have yet to...

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Sappy post
So this entire year sucked ass. At least that's what it felt like. I don't know why, but it just felt like everything surrounding me was either a bunch of different fights between a bunch of different people or something that made me so confused that I just...

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Another stupid life update
I don't know what's wrong with me. I never understand why I feel so fucked up. I've said some things in the past few days that sound really bad and suicidal, but only to my boyfriend. Now I've probably got him worried. I can't do anything about this. I've f...

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I think I need help, but I don't know
I think I need help, but I don't know who from. From me? From my family and friends? I honestly don't know. I'm not doing well. I want everything to stop. I want to sleep. I don't exactly want to wake up sometimes, but usually I do. I just want a break. I h...

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Music Boxes
Music boxes are very emotional for me, guys. Listening to one can calm me down in an instant when I'm feeling like I'm going crazy, winding a music boxes is a fun repetitive thing I can do to distract myself from other things when I'm not doing well, and in...

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The Panic is On
HOLY FUCKING SHIT I AM A JUNIOR AND I REGRET MY MAJOR WHY DID I DO THIS. I let my parents push me in a direction. I'm panicking way too much for one day into the semester. I wish I'd done something different. I'm just very scared and need to cry. My heart i...

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Moving back to College
Another summer has come and gone. Fortunately, it wasn't as awful as last summer! I got to write, make some money, I WENT TO POLAND (hell yes), played some awesome games, saw some family members...It was a good time. It was still so strange not seeing my gr...

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Writing 1
Hi, my name is Anna and I would like to be a writer. Holy shit, no way. Just like a lot of people I know. Now, the thing is, I am a writer. I already am a writer in the sense that that is a thing I do, and sometimes I do it pretty well. However! My writing ...

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Finding myself(1?)
Sure, let's go with that title. Something I've thought about: Am I a blank slate? Am I just someone who isn't really sure what she is in terms of a person. Like everyone will identify as something. I don't know what exactly, but it's so hard to do that. Is ...
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