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Alina Cowden
Social media maven, mama, and master of baked goods
Social media maven, mama, and master of baked goods

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I do not want the iPhone 4S. However, I do want an iPhone that isn't shattered, doesn't send calls immediately to VM, and gets occasional 3G service, and won't require me to renew my contract....I feel trapped.

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I LOVE the doodles also.....they brighten any day.
I love Google Doodles - always so creative.

Downside: I usually while away a good 15 mins on Wikipedia reading about whatever birthday or anniversary it is that day. :)

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anyone tried it yet?
I'm pretty excited about the updates to Google+ Hangouts today.

In particular, I think the ability to essentially "broadcast" Hangouts to large groups of people is going to unlock a ton of new use cases.

How do you think media companies like ours should use these new Hangouts? Weekly Q&As with our editors? Live interviews?

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Facebook redesign

In our poll about the Facebook design changes, 74% voted "Hate it" and 12% voted "Love It".

Is this the typical resistance to change or a misstep for Facebook?

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Um, I'm getting so confused.
Confirmed: If someone doesn't accept ur friend request on FB, u are then automatically "subscribed" to them.

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Look a little like G+, anyone?

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This news isn't being entirely well-received.

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G+ shuts down the Mashable news account. :(
Hey folks, it's Pete Cashmore, founder at Mashable. Everyone here at Mashable is extremely excited about Google+ and we're very pleased that our community has embraced it so quickly!

We chatted with the Google+ team today about their plans for branded accounts, and we've both agreed that while the Mashable community is very engaged on Google+ and we all have great fun joining discussions here, it would be better for Mashable to wait for branded profiles to launch officially before having a company presence on here.

Mashable will be launching a new business profile and building it up from scratch once business accounts are available.

This account will continue to exist, but going forward it'll have my name and picture, and I'll continue to post here.

What can you expect? A similar mix of tech news, discussions, questions and updates, with a strong focus on Google+ and its place in social networking. Now that it's just me on here, you can also expect a more personal tone, but I'm not planning to bombard you with cat pictures.

Unless cat pictures is what you want, in which case I'm all for it! :)

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Brands, stay tuned
The plan is unconfirmed by Google, but the company recently told brands and businesses not to create Google+ profiles just yet, as it works on a better experience for them.
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