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Dwayne Samuels
UX Engineer | Co-Founder of Xormis | YouTuber (Tiny Bubble Extreme)
UX Engineer | Co-Founder of Xormis | YouTuber (Tiny Bubble Extreme)

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Slack makes everything efficient. 

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Haven't used G+ in a while. Much has changed.

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Keep an eye on this.
The Internet of Things is coming

This is why I love Silicon Valley. I've given dozens of speeches about our book, "Age of Context," and only after speaking at PARC (Palo Alto Research Center, which is where Steve Jobs got the ideas for the original Macintosh) did a guy come up to me with a fist full of new small computers. 

These things don't just have their own ARM processor on them, but a radio and some memory as well, along with a couple of sensors. They are coming in 2014 to enable new kinds of "things." What kinds of things? Well, your shirt might have a computer built into it in the future.

"What about battery?" I asked.

Jeremy Walker, CEO of Iota (these are his hands and his computers) says that they already have the ability to generate power by movement or through solar (the generator would be on a separate chip). 

What was really mind blowing is that after he showed me these, he said "and here's our prototypes coming in 2015." Another hand, but these computers were less than half the size of the ones in the photo below. has more on this interesting new startup.

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Looking forward to hanging out with Elon Musk later this week :)
We're excited to announce we'll be hosting a Hangout with some of the great innovators of our time,+Elon Musk and +Richard Branson, in a conversation moderated by Googler +Yonca Brunini. They'll discuss entrepreneurship, space travel, and advice for entrepreneurs around the world. They'll take questions from entrepreneurs at tech hubs like the +Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship South Africa, +Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship - Caribbean, and +Virgin Money. We're excited to hear from these two entrepreneurs who embody 10x thinking, and to be inspired by their vision for the future. Tune in on Thursday, August 8th! 

9am California time
11am Jamaica time
5pm UK time
6pm South Africa time

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Join us for the launch of our new interview series empowering the public to take control of their financial lives by talking to some of the top financial minds in the world!

We're thrilled to announce our featured guests Tim Draper (Founder & Managing Director of, Draper Fisher Jurvetson , +Draper University ) and +Robert Scoble (Blogger, Tech Evangelist, Author).  

Conversation will center around:

- The evolution of traditional higher education, its value today, & the financial implications for students.

- Tim's experience with successful, and unsuccessful entrepreneurs, and how they overcome personal financial struggles.

- How students can prepare themselves financially for the challenges of starting a business in school or after graduation.

- What the future of education looks like, and how The Draper University of Heroes will be impacting it.

We hope you'll stop by!

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