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The D word
"Stop licking your sister!" "If you don't stop Facetiming right now, I'm taking away your iPad for a week!" "Pause the game! and say sorry to your brother!""Put a bubble in your mouth and do not talk back to me!" "If you don't do what I say right now, I am ...

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It takes a village...
yeah yeah yeah, I should do a "catch up" post since we've been busy and all adding a human to our family and I have given you the silent treatment for a while, but I'll get there. For now, I have to write whats fresh in my head because these days, I can rem...

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Job well done!
 Yesterday was the first day of daylight savings time. It is absolutely crazy to me that one little hour change can totally rock my world. Like... I wanted to nap ALL DANG DAY. I'm going to blame it on the baby.. because, well, she can't defend herself. **S...

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            Today I'm going to break the cardinal rule of "good mommies" everywhere. I'm going to share one of those moments in mommy hood that no one sees.. so we all pretend they don't happen. You know the times where your voice turns into some dragon lik...

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Just write
 It's been ages since I've posted on here. I guess you could say life happens. The wind has been out of my sail and my words felt a bit empty. I'm nothing if not sincere, so the reality was I just didn't have anything to say (please someone catch my husband...

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Today I posted a picture to Instagram that I didn't necessarily want to. It was a picture of me in a vulnerable moment after crying. Sometimes God leads me and I question His voice, His purpose, His decision.. but this time it was clear. Share this moment. ...

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Titus' Super Hero 3rd Birthday Party
Surprise! I'm back for round two in one day! Miss me?  I'm showing you Titus' third birthday party that we celebrated over a MONTH ago. Note to self: give people their thank you cards! (I'm the worst at that. Yup, an event planner that's bad at thank you ca...

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Random Monday Post
Why hellooooo there!? It has been quite a while since I've had word vomit on here (apparently I like to sneak as many gross words into my everyday talk as possible. poop. you're welcome.) I blame my absence on my complete inability to be consistent with any...

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50 years young
So when you throw parties for a living, you get crowned the "unofficial event planner" for anything possibly worth celebrating in your family. I don't mind, because I love parties and I love (most) of my family so it's a win-win. Don't worry guys, I was jus...

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I loved today.
                  So today stunk. It would give me great satisfaction to list the unnerving amount of ridiculous crud that filled my day. To throw myself a big ole blog pity party complete with cake pops and a side of woes and whining. To list the dreadful ...
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