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Our family life in the High Sierras of northern Nevada, complete with chickens!
Our family life in the High Sierras of northern Nevada, complete with chickens!

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Chick Pics So Far...
This afternoon we moved Popcorn and Tater Tot to the brooder box, where they are happily snuggled with their surrogate ocotomom and nibbling away at food. Popcorn cute face... Grumpy chick And Tater Tot Another egg, #25, pipped a few hours ago and is progre...

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Look, Fresh Chickens!
The hatch has begun, #15 popped out at at 4PM!  A tiny little black and white Belgian d'Uccle mix.  Cute and slimely all at the same time! Head over here to watch the hatch, so far just one other egg has pipped, #17. Chickam!

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And Here We Go!
So I went out the the incubator & brooder box, getting final touches ready... Little things, like making sure Club Flamingo is set, along with a cuddle buddy for the chicks that the kid donated... And I did the final turn of the Lot B eggs, placing them dow...

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Lockdown Day!
And yeah, even though with the ReptiPro incubator you don't actually do a lockdown (where you stop turning the eggs and do not open the incubator again until the hatch is done) on the eggs, day 18 of incubation will forever be 'lockdown day' to me.  With th...

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Egg Candling Day!
Or night , to be more accurate. Armed with my trusty LED desk lamp and a metal canning funnel turned upside-down over the thing, I was able to cup one hand around the eggs and use the other to gently rotate the egg until I could see how many potential chick...

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Spring Is In The Air!
OK--so actually, technically Spring is in the ground .  Hey, whatever, the bulbs I dug last year from my mother's house and transplanted into my front yard--daffodils, lovely bright red tulips and delicate little muscaris--survived both my brutalist guerill...

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Goodbye Winter, Hello Chickam!
Despite Winter holding on like your latest crazy ex-girlfriend, I think it's finally on the wane.  This week we actually had about two and a half lovely Spring days--enough to melt the snow and trigger my plum tree and one of my shrubs to burst into bloom...

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Winter On Highway 395
Driving highway 395 from northern Nevada to southern California is always interesting, even more so in winter when on average the snow is about 6 or 8 feet deep for several months.  Makes for a challenging drive. The way the snowplows have artfully and skil...

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Wait--Did You WANT That Tree? My Bad...
Another Nevada 'Holy Shit It's The Endtimes' windstorm today.  Let's see what my street looks like! Two houses down...the fence took one for the team. Just beyond that though, not to be outdone, is the one that blocked the entire street. At our house the ...

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Fun With Other People's Signs, Southern California Edition
On a recent trip to southern California, I noticed that someone had made a fun little addition to a massage joint's sign... And no , it wasn't me.
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