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Passion Project Update!
So far, I am starting to learn a lot about my topic and I'm finding so much information on a topic I once knew nothing about. Still, "palm-reading" isn't quite yet becoming believable to me and I'm still skeptical on the topic and how your palm somehow show...

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Roger Ebert
Over the last week, I learned a lot about someone I had never even heard the name of. After learning so much about him, his struggles, his impact on society, and his views on life, it also makes me feel that this world has come to a loss after Ebert's death...

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Wrapping up Racism
White Privilege... I feel that White Privilege can be a very sensitive topic, especially for white people. No one would like being "accused" of having societal privileges over non-white people. At first, I thought that white privilege is not real--everyone ...

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Passion Project Update #2
My passion project is going very well! Most things are going well; however, I am trying to find more unique countries that people don't know much about. I researched on the food of countries such as Italian food, Chinese food and Japanese food so far, but I...

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Passion Project Update #1
(This is due Tuesday, but I won't be here Monday due to a tournament).... Over the past two Fridays, I have been working very hard on my passion project. I started with the country China and have been evaluating--not only the food aspect, but the history of...
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