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Utterly bonkers.
A Must Watch.
DJ Snake & Lil Jon - Turn Down for What
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Coming in iOs9, an inbuilt pair of lips to reach around and kiss your own 'awesome' Apple ass.
Apple executives had a lot of kind words for the products they announced this week.

And here they are, cobbled together by a +TWiT editor.
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+Richard Krajewski Yeah! Very apt.
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Content repurposing content is a fundamental part of inbound marketing activity. Or it should be if it currently isn’t.
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Well played +Google, well played.
Whilst some tech companies want to do no more than find new ways to bleed some dry, by charging vast amounts of money for some so-so headphones, from companies they just bought, I'm always continually inspired by the strategy, delivery and mindset of Google and it's employees. Truly the stuff of dreams.

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The Wall Street Journal reports that Google is planning to spend more than $1 billion on satellites that will offer internet access worldwide from space. The publication's sources say that Google...
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Stephen Scott

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Oh Detroit. Screw Robocop, you need RoboGardener.
Via +Mike Elgan 
Google StreetView shows Detroit being reclaimed by nature over time.

Wow -- a stunning decline for a once-great city:

Props to +Mathew Ingram
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That is interesting, but also very sad!
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Long overdue, and lets hope this helps kill this bloody mess +Samsung Mobile have made of +Android software.
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H/T to the amazing +Laura Manach 
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Meryl Streep & Jeff Bridges Looking very like a kind of like a Logans run here in 'The Giver'. #scifi #trailer
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Apple #WWDC14 -  Bing Integration (yuk), Childish Sneering At Android, Stealing From Snapchat & FB Messenger, Plus No New Hardware.
#apple   #wwdc14  
Apple CEO Tim Cook takes the stage to thunderous applause. Cook tells the crowd this is the 25th anniversary of the conference. Two-thirds of attendees are here for the first time, he says. The youngest developer in the audience today is 13 years old. Cook says there are nine million registered Apple developers, up over […]
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+Beau Giles at least some hints for developers as to what they can build for in future. Wearables considerations, biger or smaller form factors.
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Exactly what I and others have said for years. Likes=bullshit.  And why +Google+ likely swapped the +1 for followers on brand pages.
"It’s also worth mentioning that the number of Likes is now being downplayed a little....maybe Facebook is making a subtle hint that it’s... well, a bullshit metric a lot of the time"
Nice article by +Econsultancy and very worth the read for those not yet on the (soon to be for everyone on June 19th) new page design.

#facebook   #ux   #likes   #metrics   #analytics   #bullshit  
I know, I know. Another day, another update to Facebook business pages.
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A big rave from many, and the food was fine, service too, prices good. I think the biggest things that gets me is of the lobster in the tank next to us couldn't see out the tank as it was so god-damn filthy, what the hell is the kitchen like? It's pretty seedy and dirty looking, but if your able to get by that, then the food was hot, fast and okay, but really all in, dirty, and lame looking place and wont be back.
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So first experiences are as you know everything, and this dark, musky, old looking room, looks untouched since the late 70's or 80's. Not helped by the ancient pictures of the owner with Elton John, Billy Connelly, Rolf Harris, and notes from Shirley Bassey. Kinda freaked out by the very old, sad feel of this place, and being the only ones there at 6pm, the owner looking much wearier than the photo showed us our table. The samosa's were the best I have ever had, and the chutney which he told us just own the main prize at the Melbourne fair did taste pretty damn good. The meal we had was hot and nice but just wasn't what we were expecting and just tasted different to most other curries. Maybe its more authentic than I have ever had, and we are just not used to the real authentic taste, but I have had better and was not a fan. Expensive for what we had, but in this day and age, celebrity fame don't cut it, customers have reviews, the web, and a ton of choice. (For an awesome meal head to La Porchetta 5 mins North for AMAZING food and service at a third of the price). This was once probably good, but like the Overlook hotel it all came to a sad, sad end, and I think its fair to say this was once great many years ago, and now time to pack up shop or get new owners.
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