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Awesome, Techmeme is hiring an editor to initially cover its Sunday beat but with the potential to expand the shift over time. The working hours are ideal for someone in Asia but open to applicants across all regions.

Way to get into the global tech industry!

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It's a good day for fans of Google+ Page fans.

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Hey, and look what we have here:

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So yeah, we have this: . I suppose it will need to start doing something.

Once Techmeme sets up a brand page (BTW, Google, when can I do that?), how often should it share new links? Once a day? For every headline? Something in between?

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Over at Techmeme, +Gabe Rivera is concerned that aggregators have a bad name and so wants to change that. That made me want to dig out my "Night Of The Living Aggregator" slides, which you might find interesting below. It was (I thought) a funny take on how aggregator is such a scary sounding word that gets blamed for so many misdeeds. Aggregators aren't scrapers; search engines aren't aggregators. The slides are from my talk at News Foo last year. That video was lost, but the slides are fairly self-explanatory.

I just wrote a fun post on my awesome Tumblr exploiting the latest HuffPost hate:

I'm following +Kevin Rose 's lead and redirecting to Kevin's Google+. So much more engagement there.

I am loving "Limited" (non-Public) posts on Google+ and expect to use this capability to the fullest. Maybe preparing lists of users is a geeky, non-mainstream activity, but whatever, I am going all-in. I will slice and dice my friends 20 different ways and target these different circles for all sorts of different purposes. I will be more frank, open, and interesting because I know you won't see what I'm saying... unless you're in the circle I'm posting to. BTW: yes, this whole plan fails if my friends aren't using Google+. BTW#2, this will save Google+ from the troll problem Friendfeed succumbed to. BTW#3, yep, this post is not Limited.
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