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Afif Zafri
Enjoy your life, you earned it.
Enjoy your life, you earned it.


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OnePlus Never Settle watch face.
Just a simple digital watch face for OnePlus users/fans.


Never Settle wallpaper credit:

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Winners for February Contest
Congratulation to the winners for February 2017 Contest!
Contest page:

The winners are:

Contest winner in Feb 2017 is MFI , Congratulations ! this is most download watchface. get one free No. 1 S9. we will contact you later by email.

And other winner get 50% discount in aliexpress online shop

1. Kaylletth

2. FD

3. Jon

4. zafrix8

5. George

For the winners that still does not submit their email address, please do so by emailing to in order for us to contact you for the prizes!

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My latest WATCH FACE.
For Java Programmers.
Inspired by many other Android Wear watch face like this. But this I actually write the codes it self in Sublime Text 3, screenshot, and edit it in Photoshop.

This would look great on Square watch since no text is cutout, but still looks good on my D5. not many people will like this, if not so sorry :(

Download :

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Just wanted to share with this community. I made a charging dock/cradle holder for my D5.
It difficult to place the cradle on the flat surface when charging, so that's why I made my own out of a cardboard tissue roll hahahah.

There are no planning or design when I do this. Just do it with what on my mind haha. I actually forgot about the usb cable when measuring, so that's why I have to cut out the route for it, and now it looks like the usb is hidden.
Update: At first I want too cover up the holes on the sides, but now I can use it to hide the usb cable when not charging!

The cost is free, and it tooks me about 2 hours (as you can see the time on the watch) and also burnt my thumbs (stupid mistake with the HOT glue gun)
I know it's not beautiful, but it do its job which is nice for me hahahah. Maybe I'm going to paint it next.

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Updated: Added battery level. it in the yellow square in the background.
My second watch face for this community.
A colourful and animated Mario Run inspired digital watch face.
Homage to Mario by Nintendo. Suitable for both Square and Round watch.


I try making animated watch face. Is there a way to create a faster animation? I know that animation is limited to the second array, 10 picture per second. Just if there is any trick available.


Mario Nintendo:

Mario Animated Running:



Thanks to Wilson Escobar Vergara For creating, editing/combine the images and provide the idea for the watch face.

Software for recording the preview gif (not the watch face, just for the animation preview):
Animated Photo

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Hi guys. So I just received my D5 yesterday. So I started to play around with the CSM (great tool!) and study on how to create the watch face. I end up porting my own design that I used to create a VXP watch face before this.
I call this Cardboard Chalk. Just a simple silly watch face, for fun haha.
I added battery level and date month to the watch.


This watch face resources is created by me in photoshop, using the resources below:

Cardboard texture background from:

Chalk Font (for numbers and lettering):

Chalk Photoshop brush (Used for drawing lines, watch hands, and battery icon):

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6 Ciri Terbaru Android M Yang Menarik
Syarikat laman web carian no 1 dunia, Google , baru saja melancarkan Android M di acara Google I/O 2015 di San Francisco. Android terkenal sebagai sistem operasi (OS) telefon pintar dan juga merupakan pesaing terbesar Apple iOS. Sebelum ini, Android tampil ...

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Steam Summer Sales Bermula 11 Jun
Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera. Baru-baru ini tarikh Steam Sales untuk tahun 2015 dikatakan bocor di laman sebuah web sosial Rusia, VKontakte, yang mengatakan Steam Sales pada tahun ini akan berlangsung bermula 11 Jun hingga 20 Jun. Bagi sesiapa yang t...

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Windows 10 Akan Dilancarkan 29 Julai, Dapatkan Salinan Percuma Anda
Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera. Sebelum ini Microsoft ada mengumumkan yang mereka akan melancarkan Sistem Operasi/Operating System (OS) mereka yang terbaru selepas Windows 8.1. Khabar angin mengatakan yang Windows terbaru ini akan diberi nama Windows 9...
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