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~Eating for two~

As you journey through the three trimesters of pregnancy the changes your body goes through are none short of amazing. You are no longer your own person and everything your baby needs it will take from you. You are doing everything for two now so nurturing yourself becomes foremost and it is important to prioritize your time to meet your own needs, so you can be healthy and well prepared for the birth of your baby.
When your pregnancy was first confirmed your body had already begun changing and your self awareness has increased. With a heightened sensitivity you will become aware of a magnitude of emotions that rise and fall like the tides of the ocean.
An awareness of the responsibility and safety of your unborn child becomes imminent and eating healthily a priority. You instinctually know what’s good for you and what to avoid.
Perhaps you were a little over indulgent before you discovered your pregnancy and it has caused concern, it’s important not to dwell on what’s done but start fresh and take each day as it comes.
If you have been suffering with nausea eating can be challenging, and again you may worry because you don’t feel like eating what you think you should be causing yourself unnecessary stress. Your attitude has an impact on your digestive processes so it’s important to eat what you love or learn to love what you eat. Don’t force yourself to eat foods if you feel repelled by them, instead choose healthy foods that you love to eat reminding yourself how much energy is derived from food and how vital this energy is to every cell in your body.
You should eat a variety of foods moderately when ever you feel hungry, and be sure to take time to relax and enjoy your meals with feelings of gratitude for the essential nutrients and life-giving energy that the food is providing for you and your baby. Loving your food and taking time to be thankful for it, all go towards creating feelings of harmony that contribute to your whole wellbeing.
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~Letting Go~

Pregnancy and transformation is a process that involves letting go.
You begin to change as your self awareness and perceptions expand towards new horizons. Your world has grown and you view it through a new light. Instincts take over and unconsciously you begin connecting with other soon to be mothers. You discover pregnant bellies everywhere, where did they all come from? Sometimes it appears that everyone is falling pregnant, like a great cosmic event spreading its light. This can give you a sense of comfort and support, reassuring you that you are not alone and with your immediate destiny carved out for you you can let go, relax and enjoy each day as it comes knowing that all of your thoughts and actions are being intuitively guided by a ‘nesting instinct’ and everything you now do is setting the stage for the birth of your child.

A caterpillar accepts natures call to limbo
Making a cocoon it patiently awaits transformation
Reborn into a majestic butterfly
Mystically it fly’s forth into a new existence.
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~New Beginnings~

Pregnancy as transformation begins from the very moment you realize your period is late, or possibly even earlier, when an inner inkling or instinctual knowing gives you the signs. You may or may not suffer from morning sickness or perhaps you just feel tired all the time.
You then begin to digest the concept of being pregnant. The excitement, the enormity of it all, you may flicker between doubt and fear to elation and empowerment. Remembering that Mother Nature has been creating since the beginning of time will give you assurance that you are fully equipped and capable of bearing and surviving it all. In this journey through to motherhood you will share with others a presence. You are growing a new life, and it may be common place and has happened a billion times before but not to you, your partner, or your unborn child. The birth of your child will be one of your greatest moments.
From the moment you conceived, a new beginning for you and your unborn child began.
What you experience through your emotions and feelings your baby will also experience. You become more aware that how you eat and stay healthy has a great influence in your baby’s health; you also acknowledge that your thoughts and feelings are all shared energetically. You are your baby’s world. Just visualize that tiny body surrounded in amniotic fluid, cocoon like, safe and warm, connected by a cord to you, you are your baby’s life force. Love is a part of this powerful force and when you connect to your unborn child through thoughts and visualizations you become aware of the immense power of love, no love is more powerful than mothers love.
From those very first feelings of fluttering in your belly through to the powerful little kicks and summersaults, you are bound together, a bond that will last a lifetime, a great journey.
The beginnings of your own life from the very first moment of conception through to being born and taking your very first breath was possibly one of the most significant moments in your existence, until now.

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~Birthing is Evolution~

Birthing is evolution and millions of women have been doing it for thousands of generations.
Whilst every single birth is a miracle of creation with its own unique experience, the modern world is unconsciously depriving many women of this empowering experience.
Too much information can collectively gather and over fill you to the point of confusion and doubt and at the end of the day often only serves to inhibit your natural instinctual ability to birth.
Evolution in a modern world essentially comes with out sacrificing your personal power and intuitive knowing. It comes from raising your individual consciousness and creating a strong connection to self and spirit.
Pregnancy is the perfect time to rekindle and reinforce your spiritual wealth and potential. It is an opportunity for enormous growth and expansion, not just in the size of your belly. An empowering pregnancy and birth comes from acknowledging and trusting in your ability to birth and believing in it.
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~A women is a sacred portal through which divinity enters the world~

A women's ability to bring life into the world is a gift of great magnitude unmatched by any other.
From the day of conception a women begins a a journey of transformation and as tiny miracles of nature grow and gather strength in the belly of their mothers we are awakened and humbled by the radiating presence of these gifted women.
Pregnancy and childbirth are seemingly daily events and it's commonness and frequency often minimises what an extraordinary happening takes place.
Without realising it we diminish this majestic miracle of nature and take for granted the origins of our own creation.
We are living in a wondrous modern world, with ever changing lifestyles, an abundance of choices and amazing medical advances. A society that is under constant change and evolution.
How refreshing to know that some things can still remain as they always have, a gift of nature. Our very existence on earth has given us the unique ability to create life.

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Thank you to all past, present and future students.
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