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Jean Plassard
Eclectic : Economy, Arts, Food, Business, you name it.
Eclectic : Economy, Arts, Food, Business, you name it.

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ultimate product placement 
Google partners with KitKat for the next version of Android (not a typo)

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enfin on s'en rend compte.  

la politique est devenue un show business plus qu'autre chose.  

en général les politiciens et politiciennes bénéficient d'une couverture media injustifiée par leur efficacité et leur utilité. ils servent à remplir à moindre frais les pages et les écrans vides. 

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well explained and not just a reprinting of propaganda news.
Why we need high quality journalism, not just social media. By someone who's been there.

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completely outdated 20th century project. teleportation is the future.
Elon Musk, the hyperactive boss of Tesla Motors, an electric-car company, and SpaceX, a rocketry business, thinks he has come up with a better way to get California moving than a standard high-speed train. Mr Musk—who is as good at PR as he is at engineering—first mentioned his idea, called Hyperloop, last year, prompting excited speculation about what he might have had in mind

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refreshing picture  in swelting summertime
Is it a warm day where you are? It is here. Might this cool you down? 
Very early spring with ice on the path covered with needles from the trees.

_Best seen big. Please reshare if you like it _

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overcrowded chipmunk world

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bluffant ; quand cet accessoire sera t il disponible en france ? 
Introducing #Chromecast: the easiest way to enjoy online video and music on your TV. For $35.

Wondering where you can pick one up? Chromecast will be available for purchase online in the US starting this afternoon from Buy, and +Google Play. For a limited time, get 3 months of +Netflix included in your purchase.

Find out more on the Chrome Blog:

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see pic #6 or red squirrel 
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