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Still Learning English & Mandarin

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Busan's Abandoned Railway, Busan Korea
From Dalmaji-gi, you can take walk to Heaundea beach, in between the journey you'll found the abandoned railway. Once again, If u are fan of KDB special drama, I think this is the place where the shoot for "Summer Boy". heheheheh Maybe because its look the ...

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Dalmaji-gi, Busan Korea
Day 1 at korea, the journey started with a walk in Dalmaji-gi, I was staying near here at Moon & Sun Guesthouse. Its was located in a hill so yeap everyday is a hiking day. Since its summer, everywhere is fully with green and in another season this place lo...

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Yeongdodaegyo Bridge, Busan Korea
Day 4 at Busan and there are still tons of places I haven't go, Yeongdodaegyo Bridge is in my list. There are something special about this bridge and if you are fan of 2 Days 1 Night that aired in KBS you must be familiar with this place. To be honest, I we...

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Dadaepo Sunset Fountain of Dream
It takes like almost a hour to catch the Dadaepo Sunset Fountain of Dream show by bus. The show start at 7 night and only play for 20 minutes, I almost late for it but luckily the ajjusi drop me just in front of it, I arrive just in time the show have just ...

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Taejongdae Park
Day 3 at Busan and early in the morning I went to Taejongdae Park. Surprisingly its like located in the end of Busan. Hahaha Its so far plus I went there by metro and bus. I went there from Haeundae Station transfer to Line 1 at Seomyeon Station. From Seomy...

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Hauendae Boat Cruise
At night I went back to Haeundae Beach just to take some fresh beach air before going back to the guesthouse.  But the thing I made a friend there and he bought me a ticket for a boat tour. Well, I didn't ask for it but he insist so we went for a boat tour ...

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Yeongdusan Park
and yeap I do walk a lot, with help of city map I walked to Yeongdusan Park. During summer the wheather are unexpected. But even though it was raining I walk through it. Yeap tough girl! LOL! The park located in top of a hill so again...

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Gukje Market, Jagalchi Market & BIFF Square
After spending my half day at Gamcheon Cultural Village, I move to these three places Gukje Market, Jagalchi Market & BIFF Square which is located near to each other. I dont take so much picture in these places since my phone is lowbat, But, its just kinda ...

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Gamcheom Cultural Village
Its day two at Busan South Korea, I started my journey with visiting the Gamcheon Cultural Village which is also referred as Machu Picchu of Korea. How to go there: Metro Line 1 at Toseong Station - take exit 6, transfer to Saha-gu B...

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2016 Wilma Shana Backpacker Stories (This is Vietnam) Chapter 2
2: Vietnamese On our way to Bent Thant market, we walked pass the
23/9 Park. There were lots of Vietnamese in that park, some are just sitting in
bench, there were a group of aunties zumba in the middle of the park, a group
of teenagers some still w...
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