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on turning thirty, sleeping and weeds
The first thirty years of my life were characterized by an
extreme lack of anger. As a child growing up in a Catholic family, I was
fascinated by stories of saints—young women with pretty names who could be
burned and maimed in a thousand different ways wit...

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resilient bodies: on survival, insomnia and A Sense of the Infinite
A few days ago, I got some wonderful news: my second novel, A Sense of the Infinite, is a finalist
for the Oregon Book Award. It is also a finalist for the Ontario Library
Association White Pine Award, a symmetry that pleases me greatly as the awards

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the two-minute tiger: notes from the Woodland Park Zoo
Last week, I had the pleasure of going to Washington for a handful of book events. The book events only took up about an hour and a half per day, and I spent the rest of my time wandering and pondering and enjoying being away from home. One place I went ove...

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A Sense of the Infinite(ly) Old Author Photo, and Book Tour News
Hello friends!  It seems I have agreed, against my better judgement, to appear IN PERSON at the following events in Beaverton, Portland, Seattle, Bainbridge Island, and Bellingham. Help me get through this! Show up and set off the fire alarm so I can get ou...

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in which A Sense of the Infinite is published, and time travel occurs
Hello friends! A SENSE OF THE INFINITE comes out today. Whereas for both my previous books, my release day to-do list was dominated by items such as "1. Freak out" and "2. Stress balls" and "3. Tweet a bunch," I am celebrating this book by scheduling a blog...

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a letter about A SENSE OF THE INFINITE, plus giveaway!
A few weeks ago, my editor at HarperCollins asked me to write a letter introducing my new novel, A Sense of the Infinite , to potential readers and reviewers. I fretted a bunch, tried not to barf, and then wrote this... Dear Reader, I am supposed to write t...

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should bloggers be novelists? INTERN looks back
I remember when all the writing and publishing bloggers I
knew began to “graduate,” posting book deal announcements and slowly (or
quickly) abandoning their blogs to the cobwebs as the novels gobbled up more of
the available time and energy. At the time, it...

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Earth to YA, Part 2: songs and dances
This summer, Techie Boyfriend and I bought four acres of land for a little over three thousand dollars. Here is a picture: The land has a nine foot swimming hole, a creek where crawfish live among the rocks, a babbling waterfall, and soft flat stones for ho...

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Earth to YA, Part 1: Environmental Ethics and the Young Adult Author
Lately I’ve been
feeling a lot of distress about the destruction of wild places, and my own part
in that. I wonder if my new book is worth the trees it’s going to be printed
on. I wonder if all the writing and publishing advice I’ve posted here over the

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I have written a new novel. Harper has made a cover for it. Here is the cover: It feels weird to see my name on it--like coming across your name splashed across a cereal box. "Why is my name on the corn puffs?!" I want to say. "I don't even EAT corn puffs."...
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