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Google+ for Professional Women
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Author @LynetteRadio chats about her new book Google+ for Small Businesses 1pm EST 12/12/12 #smallbusiness
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It is, but we tend to update more on +Women of Google+ & my own account!
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I've seen more successful female entrepreneurs with a LIFE degree that have excel - I don't think a MBA is required to make a great leader. You can't always learn how to be a big thinker and risk taker in school.

From the article:
Today, women occupy just 4% of CEO spots at Fortune 500 companies, and fewer than one in five corporate board seats is held by a woman. The pipeline is improving—in recent years, the percentage of MBA students who are female finally broke a third, and 2 schools – Harvard and Wharton – are close to achieving gender parity. But we still have a long way to go.
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so true! :)
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+Marissa Mayer, former VP at Google, is at her first day as CEO of +Yahoo! today AND she also announced that is she and her husband are expecting their first child this winter. Can you balance your family & career? No, but you can juggle it... Balance implies everything is in sync at the same time. Juggling means something is taking precedence while others are in a holding pattern. What do you find needs to be put to the side burner while you focus on the things that demand your immediate attention?

For the record, starting a new position at a company (even when it is the CEO of one of the most influential Internet properties) and having a baby is completely manageable at the same time. It's all about finding focus and peace with the things that may need less flame under them.
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bonjour j'ai besion de tes message et votre aide
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South by Southwest Hangout On Air +Women of Google+ & +Google+ for Professional Women

I'm looking for any ladies that attended South by Southwest this past week in Austin, Texas to join me on a Hangout On Air (Monday March 19th at 9pm EST) for a recap session! Interested? Leave me a comment thanks!
As a professional speaker myself, I have always felt it hard to 'work the stage' for business being that 99.99% of talks I do are no pitch from the stage. +Gini Dietrich has a great article here with tips on how to gain business from a talk. I find that Tip 1 & Tip 7 are the most important to me. Besides I HATE when a speaker spends a third of their time catching the audience up to date on every single piece of business they have done in the last five years.

h/t to +Deborah Dobson for the original share
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Someone HAD to say it. Thanks for doing just that. I concur. And there's SO much more to say, but at this late hour, I'll leave it at that. Job well done, my sister.
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Tonight is the +Women of Google+ LIVE Hangout on Air! Join me? No interview guest tonight, just chit chat about the +HIRL (Hangout in Real Life) I went to this past weekend in New York City #NYCHIRL .

There is something magical and inspiring when you meet people you've known only through online in person. So tonight I'd like to discuss your feelings and thoughts about meeting people at conferences and meetups and what it does to build business and friendships.

Keep an eye out on my stream (+Lynette Young) at 9pm EST for the invite to the hangout. Remember, it is broadcast across the globe, so check your hair and make sure your mic is on!
Because it doesn't matter what 'who' we wear but what we do.
Interviewer: Okay. Which designers do you prefer? Hillary Clinton: What designers of clothes? Interviewer: Yes. Hillary Clinton: Would you ever ask a man that question? Interviewer: Probably not....
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She's amazing!
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Bloggy Boot Camp - Brand Edition

If you are interested in working with brands and making money in the space, then this is the event for you.

Dates: November 2-3, 2012
Location: Hyatt Regency Chicago, 151 East Wacker Drive, Chicago, IL

Speakers include: Sara Fisher, Meagan Francis, +Allison Talamantez, +Danielle Wiley, +Lynette Young, +Tiffany Romero and +Francesca Banducci.

Some topics covered include:
- Paid Blogging Opportunities
- Brand Ambassadors
- Work / Life Balance
- Managing Social Media for Business
- How To Be More Effective & Work Less
- From Blog to Business
- Pitching Yourself to Local Television

Bloggy Boot Camp - Brand Edition will focus their education exclusively on the business of blogging. At the end of the weekend, you will leave with the ideas and contacts you need to successfully pitch and execute a social media campaign.

Be sure to visit the website to register. Their events sell out quickly.
We're happy to finally confirm that YES, the rumors are true. Due to an overwhelming demand, we added a 5th Bloggy Boot Camp stop in 2012. And we want you to be there. You're Invited to the Bloggy Boo...
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bonjour merci de votre question je suis former dans l'agro allimataire et
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je contes pour votre bonne foi
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Top 100 Women Entrepreneur Experts to Follow on Twitter

Great list no matter where the rankings fall!

This is a list of the top 100 recommended women entrepreneur experts to follow on Twitter for March 2012.
In this ITWorld article, 9 tips for using Google+ for business are listed. The toughest 'customer' of social media has always been the B2B business. I'm glad to see that they are coming out of the woodwork and learning to use the tools to help their business. Have any of the tips listed in the article helped you out?
Google+ hasn't exactly taken the world by storm. However, with features such as free videoconferencing and the capability to share and promote content with customers and colleagues at a touch of a (+1...
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I've found Hangouts very useful for small team meetings (our B2B magazine's editorial team is totally geographically dispersed), especially when working with a graphic designer. She could doodle while we brainstormed and show us what she was working on and we could give immediate feedback, even though the three of us on that particular video conference were all in different states.
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Two great resources I found that I wanted to pass along to you. I've found a lot of value in both already & hope you might also!

Author Marketing Club
+Jim Kukral has a new (free) website targeted to self-publishing / authors titled Author Marketing Club ( Jim's knowledge, experience and expertise are evident in Author Marketing Club. Advice I will be taking myself as I am writing a book and several ebooks right now!

I'm currently working with several clients in the book industry (authors, publishers, etc.) as well as co-presenting a webinar with Book Expo America for authors and publishers looking to use Google+ ( and the information is timely and on target.

Grow Smart Biz
+Shashi Bellamkonda from Network Solutions shared a great website and resource for small businesses Grow Smart Biz (

I met Shashi last year at +BlogWorld & New Media Expo in Los Angeles at the +Pearson book launch for +Chris Brogan's "Google+ for Business" & +Jason Falls' "No Bullshit Social Media" book (I highly recommend both). Shashi is brilliant and really personable and funny, I would read anything he recommended or passed along!

- +Lynette Young
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Tonight's +Women of Google+ Live Hangout on Air show is featuring two amazing women, +Cecily Kellogg and +Dresden Shumaker. Both women are professional writers and bloggers and know their way around the mom blog genre. Our talk tonight will focus on how they have gotten themselves noticed by brands and tips and tricks they have learned along the way.

Tune in tonight, Monday February 13, 2012 at 9pm EST on +Lynette Young's Google+ stream to watch the interview LIVE!! We will be taking questions as well. This LIVE HOA will be recorded and archived on YouTube for later viewing.

To find out more about Cecily, founder of +Uppercase Woman Media visit her blog at

To find out more about Dresden, founder of +Creating Motherhood visit her blog at
A spinoff from Women of Google+, this is a place for professional women to learn to use this platform to better their careers and business.
A spinoff from Women of Google+, this is a place for professional women to learn to use this platform to better their careers and business.
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