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Yep. Completely agree. It's annoying ... and that's being kind.
Youtube is one of the largest video-sharing websites. It is a platform for users to upload original content and to comment on each other’s work. At the end of 2013, Google rolled out several Youtub...
hmmm ... neither would be my first choice but I wouldn't say no I guess.
There are times when I wonder how the hell some people can even find their way onto the internet ... 
I seldom read Forbes because of their plethora of advertising (interstitial even) ... and although this was an old article (2010), in a way it helps to understand how people might find themselves being on the outs with advertisers, particularly Google's.

Even though that particular site may not exist any more, and the method they discuss isn't "new" (not now, in 2014) that doesn't mean the method doesn't exist any more. On the web nothing dies ... and people find old things all the time, that they "think" will still work. Even if it doesn't work, there are those who will try it.

This sort of thing is probably only one of the reasons that Adsense is so constantly changing up - both the algorithms, the reviews, the audits, and the approvals systems.

(...hence the plethora of e-books on how build an "adsense" website and get rich ... almost all of which don't apply in today's market).
A new form of the scheme may bilk advertisers while seeming to result in real sales.

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So .... yesterday there was still 5' of snow on top of my garden. This morning, there's six.

When will this winter end?

Maybe I should start a pool ... pick a date.  Mine's June 3rd.
Here's another tip for Adsense publishers ... DO NOT (I repeat NOT) use anything like this if you have Adsnse on your sites. This is so not cool ... and is also not allowed for Adsense publishers.

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Yep, it's a never ending fight to get actual, honest-to-goodness real information on the web. Oh, you can write it okay, but all people want to read is the garbage that says how easy it is, and that guarantees you all kinds of things that may never happen.

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Interesting. How do you suppose this will affect the future of Adsense publishers? Not only will the content play a big role as it does now, but ad placement might have an even more important role than it does now.
Okay, clowns creep me out too, but ... well if you want to know, how about asking?
Well, isn't that interesting? I read techrunch maybe  a few times a month when I have a few minutes to spare, but this took more than a few minutes.

Bots are getting smarter. Oddly enough, a large number of the sites listed in the article linked below (dated March 19th), appear not to be found when you try to visit the links. Or if they are found, there aren't any ads appearing on them - a few have blank spaces, but not ads.

What's worse, is that some of the sites listed as these "ghost publisher sites" seem to be sort of okay - perhaps not okay in terms of AdSense quality, but if a visitor goes there, they wouldn't really notice anything too wrong with them.

The one thing the article mentions is that Google seems to be one of the few providing networks that has the least amount of problems - at least of the type mentioned in the article.

The other thing they say mention is that AppNexus says it's staying on top of the issue too, but I honestly don't know about that. AppNexus is one of the advertisers I blocked a long time ago, and I've blocked any other network that works with AN (like "X Advertiser with Appnexus) because typically, I've found the AppNexus ads produced a lot of errors on my site, or weird behaviour from their ads.

Anyway, in terms of the issues we've been seeing with ad performance lately, this article is fairly interesting reading.

And this other article notes that the botnet is using a lot of hacked windows machines, the majority in the US:

I wonder how many people who really only use advertising as "pocket change" ever look at this sort of thing? I'd guess the majority of casual bloggers probably don't pay much attention to the ad world in general, except to look at how much they've made in any given week.

I'm pretty casual about most of it, not moving much to market outside of the two advertisers I use right now, but I'm not so casual that I don't read the ad news from time to time.

What you can learn might be a lot more relevant than you'd think, even for casual users.

The botnet issue isn't new, as some of the articles date from 2013, but the changes in it's behaviour over the last year are notable.

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After spending a few days going through old posts on a lot of sites, and reading newer posts and articles you eventually come the conclusion that there has to be a better way to do this.
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