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Matt Gratt
Marketing, Technology, Data Analysis, Product Management.
Marketing, Technology, Data Analysis, Product Management.

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Another team up from +Nick Eubanks  and me.
+Matt Gratt and I show you how to leverage search data to map out customer interest and buying trends in your target vertical.

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I wrote a blog post!
How to do better keyword research for your SaaS or subscription company.

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Cool post with blogger interviews on the BuzzStream blog today:
How to Pitch: Outreach Tips from Lifestyle Bloggers
+Stephanie Beadell reached out to prominent lifestyle bloggers and asked them about how they like to work with PR & outreach specialists.

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Here's my #mozinar from yesterday on Big Content.
Need some advice about the creation of big content? Check out +Matt Gratt from +BuzzStream's webinar and slide deck from yesterday. Watch the recording at your leisure. 

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I'll be doing a #mozinar next Tuesday on Big content. Tune in!
Don't miss next Tuesday's free webinar with BuzzStream's Matt Gratt on Making 'Big' Content Work: Planning, Production, and Promotion.

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Learn what the editors at Time, BuzzFeed, and Upworthy are Looking For
+Kelsey Libert and +Ryan McGonagill surveyed 500 journalists, editors, and content managers at major publications like Time, Upworthy, and BuzzFeed about what they're looking for in a pitch.

And they're sharing this new knowledge during our first BuzzStream webinar on Wednesday July 9th.   You can sign up here:

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How to Find Content Marketing Opportunities with BuzzStream & BuzzSumo
BuzzSumo is a great new tool for finding awesome promotion opportunities - and BuzzStream is the CRM for building relationships with influencers to get more press coverage, placements, and links.

Here's how to use them together to find and take action on great opportunities to get the word out about your business:

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Great post from Kevin Raposo on the BuzzStream blog today
How to Pitch: Outreach Tips from Journalists
+Kevin Raposo interviews journalists from publications like TIME, the Verge, and the Next Web about what they're looking for in a pitch:

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