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WebRTC Experiments
#WebRTC Experiments, #WebRTC Demos, #WebRTC News from @WebRTCWeb and @muazkh
#WebRTC Experiments, #WebRTC Demos, #WebRTC News from @WebRTCWeb and @muazkh


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RecordRTC chrome extension v1.9 now supports microphone recording as well. You can record your own voice along with full-screen or any app's screen.

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Started new project: *Record Entire Meeting* using pure JavaScript API

This project currently handles both WebAudio/WebP and MediaRecorder solutions however as soon as Chrome will implement MediaRecorder API, it will focus only MediaRecorder intervals-based recordings.

*The goal is very simple:*
1. Record both audio/video from each user participating in a meeting room.
2. Record all videos from all the participants.
3. Merge/Mux then Concatenate using Ffmpeg on Node.js server
4. Scale videos at the ended into a single grid-like stream so that later viewers are given single file containing all the videos and audios.

PS. This project is close-to-be-functional but NOT fully functional yet.

In its initial implementation, it will merely record single user's entire stream (audio+video) on all supported browsers. It will support longest possible recording both in Firefox and Chrome. (So, NO RecordRTC-level long-file or huge-WAV issues!)

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Minor updates in MediaStreamRecorder.js :

1) recorderType added.
2) pause method added
3) resume method added
4) save method added
5) Travis/Grunt support added.

Also, Microsoft Edge support added in all demos. Currently
audio-recorder.html will merely work in Edge:

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Ah, finally, WebRTC Experiments are back after 5-months!

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