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Tanya Elias

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Baby Wesley
I did it. I'm a mom. Although when people refer to me as a mother, I doubt them. And their sanity! As much as I'm not much of a reader of general birth stories, I thought I would share mine. Mostly because I'm starting to forget it and as much as I want to,...

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Pretty Floral Bonnet
Growing up I wore a skirt all the time... always....except when I showered or went skiing (I got to wear snow pants, which was still kind of a no-no).  As a girl who grew up in a strict sect most of my life, pants were like the forbidden fruit; they might k...

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To tell you all the truth, I was super pumped to start this blog, because it's something I've wanted to do for a while.  Unfortunately due to the magnitude of online accounts that I hold (in theory, not literally) I couldn't remember the password, and frank...

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The thing about switching to google + for me, is like jumping from one train to another that is headed in the exact same direction. So far I haven't seen much difference between Google+ and Facebook. Then again, I haven't spent much time on here. But to me, it's the same thing. Plus facebook has more people I know on it.

Wow. First time logging on since I made the account. Actually looks to be a party!
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