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Fluffy McSharkah Khan
With a frickin' laser attached to one's head, everything is possible.
With a frickin' laser attached to one's head, everything is possible.


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It came to my attention that a couple of people had forgotten my origin story (or even downright made up a new one) so I forced +Halfdan Reschat to share it again.
The Origin Story of +Fluffy McSharkah Khan
In mid-November '08 two sharks with frickin' lasers attached to their heads were created by the Overlord. During their first few days in existence they bore witness to a wild party with many drunk young people and all sorts of drunk shenanigans. However, after the party the two sharks were separated from each other; one staying in the Overlord's room while the other got located in the hallway right outside the Overlord's door. No one could have foreseen the horrible events that were to take place because of this.

While one shark safely had place in the Overlord's room, the shark in the hallway faced a grim fate. During a period of three days the shark was butchered beyond recognition with knives (or knife-like weapons - like scissors) by still unidentified vandals. This is unfortunately the true story of how two sharks became one and how a lonely journey began for the surviving shark.

Skip forward a few years during which the shark had lived its lonely existence with the occasional party - of which one party resulted in two tattoos: one saying "PATTER!" (Danish for "boobs") and another being a poorly written conversation between God and Nietzsche. Though the shark had ensured so much, it still hadn't been shown recognition concerning something as simple as getting a name. This would the newly founded group of the Overlord's henchfolk however quickly correct and on July 18th, 2012, +Fluffy McSharkah Khan was born.

From here on, the henchfolk wouldn't allow Fluffy's lonely history to repeat itself and they made sure to often include Fluffy in all sorts of shenanigans.

+Fluffy McSharkah Khan had begun a new and wonderful journey with the henchfolk and their never-ending shenanigans. Fluffy was for the first time in its long existence truly alive; truly included; truly happy.
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<comes up for air>

So, what is going on? How are you humans doing?

<skims the news>

ARGH!!! What the hell did you do to yourselves while I was away? How long was I even gone? And you brought the US back to the middle ages? HOW?!?!?

Damn, humans.

<dives back into the deepest, darkest depths of Whatever, where the ongoing destruction of the world hopefully can't reach>
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The Danes are freaking out because of the Snow Queen's invasion. I, as the god I am, eat snow for breakfast.
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New Google+?
I eat Google+ for breakfast!
Though, apparently, this is how new Google+ looks for me:

404. That’s an error.
The requested URL was not found on this server. That’s all we know.
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No one redacts me!

Especially not Stupid Face, with his puppies:
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It's back! I'M BACK!!!


Or, as the ones who don't have the courage to admit why you're down there calls it:

Yes, I am once again using a can of Disney Princess soup to rest on - this time also joined by a bizarro TARDIS (

Yes, I am under my desk because I'm mocking all of you.

Yes, I am frightening.

Yes, I am still this handsome - time only makes me more handsome.

Yes, you may bow (under your desk).
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This is a photo that features me, so I share it.

This is photo that Stupid Face doesn't like, so I share it.

This is a photo with multiple beings you never imagined existed (but they do), so I share it.

This is a photo of me OUTSIDE, so I share it.

This is a photo that accurately depicts Stupid Face's embarrassing demeanor compared to my glorious and electrifying presence, so I share it.

This is a photo of me as half a house (and not the bottom half), so I share it.

This is photo of purple me, so I share it.

This is a photo of me, so I share it.

Danish Mythology

Danish Mythology (obscure legends whispered in the darkest corners of very old drinking establishments late at night) tells the tale of travelers on back roads being stopped by a shark footed pajama clad man known as Halfdan the Overlord and his unholy companion Fluffytaur, an equally pajama clad half horse half shark beast with a head mounted box able to shoot concentrated and deadly streams of lightning. The duo, like leprechauns or imps, are known for mischief and travelers encountering them either go missing or return missing sanity and limbs. It has been theorized that the pajamas are only because they like the way the fuzzy fabric feels and they can build up deadly static electric shocks to stun victims. The only chance for safety involves traveling with a cart of fine ale and a neighbor or kinsman with whom you do not mind parting ways. So far as we know, this is the only photo that exists, and was found on a cell phone memory card clutched in the remains of a left hand beside a bloodied pair of #googleglasses  and an unopened bottle of some lesser domestic beer.

#gplususermashup  +Halfdan Reschat +Fluffy McSharkah Khan 
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Look what magically appeared on my lawn! A fancy hat!
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The word "booty" was said way too much last night; especially since it was in reference to Stupid Face's rear end and not a chest of gold.
"That’s the finest pirate booty I’ve ever laid eyes on."
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Vote for me!
Scott and Keith 2015 Musical Snowman Challenge
Once again, +Scott Cramer has taken it upon himself to challenge his brother, +Keith Cramer, despite a history of Scott ending up on the receiving end of some notorious loser punishments.

This time around the challenge is not something either of the Cramer brothers have a saying in - except concerning rallying for votes. The challenge is for people to submit songs that represent one of the Cramer brothers and then later on vote for whose playlist of songs is the most awesome.

Songs have been submitted and it is now time to vote for one of the playlist. Here they are:

Scott's playlist:  

Keith's playlist:  

Take a listen to both playlists and then cast your vote. You can find a full list of the songs on each playlist below. The final tally will be recorded when I turn on my computer Saturday morning (I'm in Denmark, by the way) and a victor and (more importantly) a loser will be determined. The loser will get his punishment Saturday afternoon (US time).

Best of luck to +Scott Cramer  and +Keith Cramer.

- - -

Scott's playlist
01) Don Byron - Power House: (+J. Hancock)
02) Aqua - Barbie Girl: (+Yoon-Mi Kim)
03) Vid Kids - Computer Man: (+Mary C.)
04) Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up: (+Lori Cramer  & +Keith Cramer)
05) They Might Be Giants - Birdhouse In Your Soul: (+Mary C.)
06) David Bowie - Heroes: (+Jo Lane)
07) Zippy the Pinhead Musical - The Condiments Song: (+Kari Tedrick)
08) The Proclaimers - I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles): (+Rhonda Britton)
09) "Weird Al" Yankovic - White & Nerdy: (+Michelle C)
10) Idina Menzel - Let It Go: (+Maddie Cramer)
11) Animation Domination High-Def - The Little Mermaid Except Shark: (+Fluffy McSharkah Khan)
12) Gershon Kingsley - Popcorn: (+Nikki C)
13) Michelle Adams - They Might Be Giants Hot Dog: (+Amanda Rachelle Warren)
14) Sprint - Narwhals (remix by Lewiz101): (+Damian Sanchez)
15) One Direction - Kiss You: (+Brittany Samples)

Keith's playlist
01) Don Byron - Blue Bubbles: (+J. Hancock)
02) The Little Mermaid - Kiss the Girl: (+Bearman Cartoons)
03) Eduard Khil - Trololo: (+Mary C.)
04) Homer Simpson - It Was A Very Good Beer: (+Mary C.)
05) Boney M. - Rasputin: (+Scott Cramer)
06) Afroman - Because I Got High: (+Scott Cramer)
07) The Rocky Horror Picture Show - Science Fiction-Double Feature: (+Jo Lane)
08) Flo Rida - Low: (+Rhonda Britton)
09) FluffyMixer - PFUDOR (Pink Fluffy Unicorns): (+Maddie Cramer)
10) DVDA - The Beer Song: (+Michelle C)
11) Harvey Scales - Super Shark: (+Fluffy McSharkah Khan)
12) Sham 69 - Hurry Up Harry: (+Nikki C)
13) Kimya Dawson - Alphabutt: (+Amanda Rachelle Warren)
14) Gene Kelly - Singing In The Rain: (+Brittany Samples)
15) Devo - Whip It: (+Damian Sanchez)

- - -

Original challenge post:

#CramerBrothers #Challenge #DoYouWantToBuildASnowman #Shenanigans
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Scott's playlist
Keith's playlist
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