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Welvome to my Get Crafting! G+ page!
Welvome to my Get Crafting! G+ page!

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This is me…
Guess why?
I got myself a phone call from Nikon
Oh yes… yes I did.
A loaner camera is ON ITS WAY!!!! And THEN I will send in my broken camera in. 


Thank you, Dear Nikon, for making an exception and allowing me to continue doing what I love to do… and keep food on the table for my kiddos. 

Thank you - each and every one of you who helped make my voice heard. TRULY.
And thank you SO MUCH to ALL of you who so unbelievably offered to send me their own personal cameras so I could make due. I cannot believe how generous that was, and how many offers I received. I am TRULY a blessed girl. My amazing family.

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Dear NIKON (+Nikon Canada Inc, +Nikon USA)
My name is Chrysta Rae.
I AM a full-time professional photographer - even though you don't consider me one.
I make my living doing interior/architectural photography.

I was a devoted Canon user, until I heard about your amazing 14-24 mm wide angle lens.
Because of that lens, I switched to Nikon.
And I was SO excited and proudly told everyone that I had switched.

I spent ALL of my savings (I am a single Mom, so let me tell you - spending over $5,000 on a brand new Nikon D600, a 14-24 lens, a 28-300 lens, a Nikon SB-700 Speedlight flash was BEYOND my financial limit by a LOT. a LOT.) 

My photography changed instantly - the camera is unreal and that lens was worth every penny - BUT day ONE I discovered these spots on every single one of my photos. What the heck?

So I researched. And found out that there were more people with these spots while using the D600.

So - instantly I went back to the retailer I bought the camera from. NO WAY can I go out EVERY day, take between 100 and 1,000 shots AND remove SPOTS from each and every photo. And - I do know about spot removal and sync in Lightroom, but just to make it clear - the spot is in the same spot, but my SHOTS are different - so the spot in one shot is on a wall, the next is on a window/bed/lamp/sky/carpet… so sync does not help me.
The salesman felt awful - as he recommended Nikon, which spurred me into doing the research and eventually led me to switch. 

BUT… the only thing he could do for me was to take the camera back, and send it to you. But… I need my camera… every single day… it's how I earn my living. If I don't have my camera, I not only lose income, but potentially clients. They NEED photos - right away - if I don't have a camera, I can't shoot, and they go to another photographer who HAS a camera.

I begged for a loaner camera. How can they sell me over $5,000 of equipment… and NOT HELP ME?!!!

So I called you.
And all you say is that I am not a "professional photographer" and not a part of your super duper "professional" photographer club BECAUSE I do not own 2 professional camera bodies. 

blink, blink

If I HAD two cameras, I wouldn't be in this dilemma! I would happily send the DEFECT camera in to be repaired and not skip a beat. But I do NOT have thousands of dollars laying around to spare for another camera!

So I trudged on. Miserable.

The spots then multiplied. By a lot. To a point where I shed more than a few tears, AND finally had to buy a cleaning kit to try to clean the sensor myself. If you could possibly imagine, not one single place in my city cleans the sensors - which added to my terror of doing it myself.

Thankfully it worked.

For about a week.

And then the spots came back. So I cleaned it again.

And this has continued since July of last year.

I continued to call, to send messages to your Facebook and Google+ community pages, and hoped beyond hope that you would just help me.

But… you didn't. And I am STILL out shooting with a camera I now HATE because of those spots.

I always wondered how on EARTH you could sell me a camera for THAT much money, and it was A DEFECTIVE camera, and NOT HELP ME.

And I am a kind person. I never ONCE did a mean post to you, I never went to my over 1.2 million followers on Google+, NOR my over 250,000 followers on Facebook to SAY how you weren't helping me… because… well I just thought you would come through for me, and I didn't want you to help me simply because I made a stink.

And then yesterday, I read that you are allocating $17.7 MILLION DOLLARS to repair D600 issues and "YOUR REPUTATION".

So… does this mean you will HELP ME?!!!
Could this possibly mean that you will take it upon yourself to help me  - someone who does a great deal for our beloved photography community - who has begged for help countless times and received not one iota of help other than, "send in your camera and in a few (up to 8 weeks) we will fix it". Does this mean you will possibly make an exception to your exclusive club and consider me an actual professional photographer who deserves a loaner camera while fixing/replacing my PIECE OF CRAPOLA that I worked SO hard to buy?

Could it be that I can MAYBE say that I am a proud Nikon user again?

#nikonphotography   #nikonphotographers   #nikond600   #nikoncanada  

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Here's a purple star how-to lens I made a while back.  It's another one I'm considering re-working to make use of the printable how-to module.  I quite like the larger photos doing it this way, though.

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This is another one of my seasonal lenses.  It did really well for a while and even got LOTD and was my top lens for a long time.  Now it's down on the bottom.  I expect it will increase in ranking as Christmas draws near.
#christmas    #tradition    #ornament   #handmade   #crafting  

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This one is my second most popular Purple Star lens.  It increased in ranking relatively recently, and I'm not entirely sure why, given that it's a seasonal craft. 

I am considering re-working it to use the how-to module.

Okay, let's try this hashtag thing.  I don't do twitter, so I'm not used to these.

#plasticcanvas #ornaments #howtoguides  


I have just joined the group and wanted to introduce myself.  I've been writing at Squidoo since early 2012, though I went through a period of having to put everything on hold, so have not been working on lenses as often as I'd like.  At Squidoo, I am AnnaMKB plus I have a crafting blog; the G+ profile I'm writing under right now is the one connected to my blog email, not my personal one.  I'm trying to get both my craft blog and Squidoo writing active again.  Need to bring in the shekels. ;-)

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Hello, again. :-)

I just posted my highest ranking Purple Star lens.  This one is my lowest ranking lens.  I love it, but it's not exactly the sort of topic that rakes in the hits! L

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My first share of a Purple Star lens.  This one is my highest ranking lens as well.  It always saw a slight leap in hits beginning around Jan or Feb, but this year it got attention on Pinterest and has been a Tier 1 lens since.  Traffic is slowing down now, which I would expect for the season, but it's still ranking well.

I don't know why, but the preview would only include photos from the Amazon modules, not my own photos, so I turned that off.

Has anyone else seen a lens gain ranking directly because of Pinterest?
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