Where to send your fan video for the Ratha Graphic Novel

If you are a Ratha fan making a video that says why you want the Ratha's Creature graphic novel dream to become real, here's what to do when you finish it.

Here's more info about the videos and why I invited people to make them.



Since the video  will be a large file, you'll be sending it to Imaginator Press via a dropbox.  
First, email sruth@imaginatorpress.com to request the dropbox address, and Sheila will send a link to you.  You then send the video file via the dropbox.  If you have any trouble, contact her at the same email.

Please also send a permission email saying that we can use the video.We will need to edit these for length in order to use them in the promo, so we are asking need permission for that.

We also need parental permission for anyone under 18 who appears in the video.  This is important to protect the privacy of minors and their families.

You can send these emails to the above address.

  If you want, you can also put your video on YouTube and share it with friends. If you do, let me know, since I have a YouTube channel (I'm, guess what, rathacat on YouTube). if you want, I can make a playlist to showcase these videos.

We don't yet have a cutoff date for the videos, but we encourage you to start early.  We'll post the cutoff when we determine it.

 So, get those cellphone cams, laptop cams, camcorders, digicams, or device of your choice set up, plunk yourself down in front, and say why you want this to happen.  That's the basics.

 If you want to get creative, the sky is not even the limit (though length may be!). Do anything you want (within sanity, legality, and common sense).  And, above all, enjoy the creative process.  Hey, you may turn out to be the next Spielberg or JJ Abrams.

Don't be camera shy, like this kitty!

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