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Rebecca Mongrain
obsessive knitter, writer, foodie, photographer and Mother
obsessive knitter, writer, foodie, photographer and Mother

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Week in Review 3.25.17
This week was a bit better than last week. I had some blood work done which included having my Vitamin D levels tested and it turns out there is a reason for my fatigue! I have low Vitamin D so I'm on a 8,000i.u. regime for two months and then I'll go back ...

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Easy Peasy Fish Tacos
Every Tuesday night in our house is Taco Night. I love tacos and wish that every night could be taco night but the other members of my house voted for Tuesday as taco night. Of course after I introduced these tacos, some picky members of my house asked if w...

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Design Tips, V Bad Days and Self Defense are This Week's Links From Around the Web
Blogging Tips from Design for Mankind Alexander and the V Bad, FML Day  This is one of our favorite books and something I often say to the kids so this was HILARIOUS to me.  10 Everyday Photos to Take This Year  because honestly the best memories are in the...

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Week in Review 3.18.17
I did not handle Daylight Savings time very well last week. Combined with the grey, un-ending rain, I was an exhausted mess. I limped through the days and decided to give myself some much needed TLC this weekend. We had a weekend without any plans and few i...

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Project 52 - Week 52
Over the past year, I've posted weekly photos of my children in Project 52 . I worked on my photography and had a great time documenting my children's lives. I am, however, thrilled to be done with this project. It was fun and I do plan on making a book for...

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Apples! Apples! Apples! Take Back Our Lunch Apples with Opal Apple Bars!
Sponsored Post: This post is sponsored by Opal ®  apples  but the content and opinions expressed here are my own. Last month, I shared my love for  Opal ®  Apples along with how great they are for lunches since they don't brown. For my picky kids, this is a...

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Week in Review 3.11.17
The week after vacation is almost as hard as the week before vacation. I've spent most of it catching up with obligations and work, putting the house back in order with many loads of laundry, grocery shopping and so much planning.  Exercise I got in 6 worko...

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Project 52 - Week 49, 50 & 51
I always get so psyched up when I start a project and then about halfway through it, I start trudging along. The end always ends up being such a slog but I also get nostalgic for the project. I'm feeling quite nostalgic about Project 52. Next week will be t...

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Getting Married, Hygge and Books are This Week's Links From Around the Web
You May Want to Marry My Husband  My writing group sent this around on our Facebook page and when I realized who the author was (seriously one of my favorite kid authors), I sobbed even harder. This is beautiful, messy writing about love and it is utterly d...

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Monthly Goal Check-In (February)
February is only a few days shorter than all the other months and yet, those missing days make it fly past. I had a great time in February even if it meant that I didn't get a lot accomplished on my goals. I did get a weekend away in San Diego and some majo...
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