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Show me something beautiful.

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In "Well, It's About Time": 
+Ursula Vernon won the Mythopoeic Award for Adult Literature.*

Following someone's journal and works for a decade and a half will give you an odd - only half-synthetic - sense of intimacy with them, their lives, their art. This woman has been mentor and role model and inspiration for me for fully half my life, and I have to admit positive glee that the internet exists and she's decided to share so much of herself through it, and (yes, this is a little stranger yet) that she's really quite young and has a huge broad horizon before her and chances are I will have relatively little of my life without her as a light in it.

Sharing publicly, because these things should be enjoyed by all. - for the free online version, or below for the first book at Amazon. Omnibus is also on the way, via Kickstarter.

*That this adult literature is a webcomic about a talking wombat miner just says more good things about the Mythopoeic Society.

I am bereft, inconsolably so. My treasured, savored birthday book is over. To Ruth Downie, whose Medicus books properly wrap up in the end, for she needn't leave a cliffhanger to earn her audience's continued attention. 

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Anyone have a small surplus of money and no idea what to do with it? Contribute to this Kickstarter. They are very very close to their goal with little time left, and what they could potentially do would change gaming.

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Older, but this indie game is a real beauty - something of an interactive abstract horror film with a lovely, hideous message about the distinct and ineluctable appeal of self-destruction.
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