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dCache and around it
dCache and around it


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We are happy to announce the 11th International dCache workshop, collocated with NeIC 2017 Conference in Umeå from 2017-05-29 to 2017-05-30.

As with earlier workshops, the dCache team is eager to maintain and strengthen the relationship to dCache system administrators, experienced or novice. Contributions to the workshop will focus on presenting mechanisms helping sysadmins to run secure and fault tolerant dCache systems.

More details available at

Looking forward to seeing you all in Umeå .
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We are proud to announce the 10th International dCache Workshop in the beautiful city of Barcelona.

It will be during 11-12 April 2016. We will reside in the UAB - CASA CONVALESCÈNCIA conference center ( The dCache workshop will be colocated with an Enstore workshop. Please find the workshop webpage here:

During the dCache workshop you will learn about the most recent developments, future plans, which are very exciting as dCache is becoming a QoS enabled storage solution. There will be a session concerned with Zookeeper and much more well worth a trip to Barcelona. You will hear all about that during the workshop, very exciting times. As always, we are working very hard on the logistics and the agenda.

Please stay tuned as the preparations are going on. We encourage you to book flights and hotels early, even though this should not be a major holiday season.

If you have topics that you would like to see covered during the dCache OR Enstore workshop and/or you would like to contribute to either one, please contact us under: dcache-workshop #AT#

Looking forward to seeing you all in Barcelona.
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9th International dCache Workshop.

It is a great pleasure to see you again!
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We are glad  to announce the release of dCache v2.12.0, which marks the start of the new 2.12 series.

The 2.12 series brings many prominent new features, including:

   * New site description property to add local branding.
   * Admin shell supports Ctrl-C to interrupt commands.
   * Alarms service can share domains with other services.
   * Improved attribute handling in Chimera.
   * Shorter session identifiers.
   * FTP and DCAP cell names are unique across restarts.
   * Info provider publishes all global network interfaces.
   * Improved login broker registration and SRM door
     selection, including improved IPv6 support.
   * Improved and more robust NFS proxy mode.
   * On the fly checksum calculation for NFS and xrootd.
   * Improved nearline storage Service Provider Interface for
     more flexible drivers.
   * Precomputed repository statistics in pools.
   * HTTP and xrootd uploads block until post-processing completes.
   * Reduced memory consumption in pools using Berkeley DB.
   * Site specific srmPing attributes.
   * Parameterized WebDAV templates.
   * More uniform access logs.
   * Localized timestamps in pinboard.
   * Improved bash completion.

Full details of these and all other changes are available in the
2.12-series release notes
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We are excited to announce this year’s dCache user workshop. It will take place 18 - 20 May 2015 in the beautiful city of Amsterdam.

We will present the most recent dCache development together with the feature set of the new golden release. Furthermore there will be many very interesting topics, amongst them dCache and Elastic search Logstash Kibana (ELK), some interesting HowTos and a very interesting concept - dCache storage box -  used in industry to create products that might also be interesting to T1 and T2 centres. Also dCache and ownCloud will be a topic during this year. Last but not least we will have lively discussions on where to go next and what dCache plans for the next releases.

We are currently working very hard on the agenda and logistics. We have setup an indico page: Please stay tuned for the opening of registration to the workshop, which will follow soon.

We would appreciate, if you propose some presentation that you would like to give. This could be on anything dCache related. Did the last year bring a technology that you would like to present or something that you think might be very interesting to the dCache community?

We suggest you book a hotel somewhere in the city, our restaurant will be here: as it might be convenient to get back from the restaurant to your hotel in a short time.

We hope you will be able to join us for the workshop and are looking forward to seeing you in Amsterdam.
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We are pleased to announce the release of
dCache v2.11.0, which marks the start of the new 2.11 series. 
The 2.11 series brings many prominent new features, including:

  *        Faster deletion speeds.

  *        Better integration of alarms service,
        easier configuration, and predefined alarms.

  *        Multiple GIDs in kpwd.

  *        Less clutter in GLUE 2 StorageShare.

  *        Improved pool response during HSM request bursts.

  *        Reduced latency on write.

  *        Automatic throttling of SRM request rate when database
        request queue is full.

  *        Decoupling of transfer managers from srm database.

Full details of these and all other changes are available in the
2.11-series release notes:
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We have make the latest bug-fix releases, which are 2.6.35, 2.7.20, 2.8.15, 2.9.11 and 2.10.7.  The packages may be
downloaded from the usual locations and release notes for each series
have been updated.

As usual, please examine the release notes carefully to understand
whether you need to upgrade your dCache instance.
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Medium-term dCache release plan and support periods

On the following dates, we plan to release new major versions of

   2014-11-01  dCache v2.11.0, starting the 2.11-series.

   2015-03-01  dCache v2.12.0, starting the 2.12-series.

   2015-06-01  dCache v2.13.0, starting the 2.13-series.  This will
               be the next Golden Release (Long-Term Support Release).

On 2015-06-01, with the release of v2.13.0, support for the
2.6-series, 2.7-series, 2.8-series and 2.9-series will end.  All sites
using any version from these series must upgrade to dCache v2.10 (or
newer) to continue receiving support.

       We suggest dCache sites participating in WLCG
       activity give serious consideration to upgrading
       before LHC RUN-2 starts.

You can find a graphical summary of the different support periods at the top of the dCache downloads page.

Naturally, our support for the 2.10-series (and later series) will
continue throughout 2015.
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We are happy to  announce the release of dCache v2.10.0 -- the first release of the new 2.10 golden series.

The 2.10 series includes several prominent new features:

  *  Improved SRM scheduling and protection of other components.
  *  Reimplemented webadmin active transfers page.
  *  Improved support for HTTP and HTTPS 3rd-party transfers.
  *  Added support for 3rd-party transfers through WebDAV.
  *  Improved support for HTTP 3rd-party transfers through SRM.
  *  Improved default HTML rendering in WebDAV.
  *  Added JSON support for info.

Full details of these and all other changes are available in the
2.10-series release notes
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