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El valor te da alas para volar!
El valor te da alas para volar!

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117º aniversario del nacimiento de Oskar Fischinger #GoogleDoodle

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I've made a new update to the document. Mostly additions and corrections about the creation and the Dawn War, and some creation myths of the half-orcs. Also, I've reorganized the document and put numbers in each page (I forgot that).

BTW, I'm searching for someone who knows about PDF and stuff, to make this document better looking. If someone can give art to make a cover, that would be good as well.

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This is a map I was working on since last month, covering the northern territory of the Nerathan League. I will be using it on my next campaign. Is a reboot campaign of my "timeline", as my players hadn't played since years; so, we are re-writing the story from the start. I'm struggling whether to start with Keep on the Shadowfell or with Reavers of Harkenwold, though. Suggestions and ideas are appreciated.

Regardless, this map its mostly canon. I mean, all places are canon, and Nentir Vale's and the Dragondown Coast's locations for those places are canon as well. However, since 4e adventures and sourcebooks never gave us exact locations for some locales, certain places have been placed in regions I believe are the most appropriate for them. So, those are ad hoc placements that maybe don't make sense for some people.

You guys are free to use this map if you like. Warning: is a big map. (3043 x 5443). Credits to that guy who posted an unlabeled Nerath map on Reddit.

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Gazetteer version 5

Added the farms in the outskirts of Fallcrest (mentioned in Oath of Vigilance)
Added the Order of Vigilance (from the Abyssal Plague novels)
Added Moorin and his Glowing Tower in Fallcrest (from the Abyssal Plague novels)
Added the Steel Princess in the monster section (from the Short Story The Steel Princess)
Added the town of Duponde (from the Dark Legacy of Evard adventure)

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As promised, there is the second version of the history document. Hope you'll find as useful as I enjoyed doing it.

Hey, greetings to all.

I've finished the 5 novels of the Abyssal Plague saga that are set in the Nentir Vale world. I'm now reading the Last Garrison, and I plan to read the Seal of Karga Kul and the short stories of the anthology book after I finish Last Garrison. I've also get the 4e edition version of the Book of Vile Darkness.

In short, you should expect an updated version of the History of the Nentir Vale, and potentially of the Gazetteer in a few days.

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I'm going to adopt this abandoned wiki. I have been adding stuff, since is a pre-requisite for adopting wikis. This is my first edition to it, a complete revamp of the Nentir Vale article (with full references):

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Hi, folks! I'm Zeromaru, from the Piazza forums. I have a quick question, and sorry for my bad English beforehand.

I'm about to finish the first (or second, if you count the history compilation as the first) Nentir Vale Gazzetter. This one only covers the Nentir Vale region (that I guess is enough to go from level 1 to 30 in 4e, and 1 to 20 in 3.x or 5e. The Nentir Vale even has its own local Temple of Elemental Evil in the Ogrefist Hills!). I'm proofreading and that stuff (because yeah, bad english).

So: is a good idea that the Barony of Harkenwold is already occupied by the Iron Circle mercenaries at the start of the campaign? Or is better to start the campaign before the invasion?
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