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Awww.... that's sweet Matt.  You'll protect daughter from the draft into front-line units, but, like all Feminist Cuckservatives, you've got no problem burdening our sons with your daughter's incapabilities other areas of the military, do you?

Women have been costing America's warrior class lives and resources without good cause for a long time now and THIS is the line in the sand you draw?

Please.  Spare us your White Knightery.  Don't play this off as if men can't wait to have women do the fighting for them.  Women WILL NOT be forced into combat, I don't care what anyone says or what becomes law.  IT WON"T HAPPEN.  You know it, I know it, everyone knows it so stop lying about it.

Women want access to Combat MOSs because of the respect, awards and advanced promotions those MOSs bring, but you can bet your bottom dollar they will make no mistake of putting themselves at risk.  At the first sign of possible deployment they will get themselves pregnant because this is exactly how it has played out in all other areas of our military.   You Feminist Cuckservatives can't admit that women want the glory without being at risk of paying the blood price for that glory, but you're more than willing to let them play G.I.Jane at the expense of our sons aren't you? 

Women getting out of deployment and exposure to potential combat has become a cliche in the military.  Funny how THAT news story never makes it the pages of any publication, Conservative or Liberal, huh?  Because mainstream Cuckservatives and Liberals are ALL FEMINISTS.  You may try to put June Cleaver imagery on your brand of Feminism but it's still Feminism.

Women in the military is about invading men's spaces and stealing men's earned valor, period.
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