I've been working with +Austin Bales on some initial mockups of the Tokaido UI and I need your help (keep reading).

So far, we've sketched out:

• Request
• Notification Tray
• App List (with "running server" lights)
• Edit App (hostname, icon, sandbox mode, ~/.tokaidorc)

We've spent the most time on the Request screen. I expect that people will spend most time on that screen, which should replace the log-tailing workflow. Between Puma Express integration and an awesome Request view, this should keep your terminal free for `rails` commands, `rake` tasks and the Rails console.

I need your help. After reviewing the four screens, please answer as many questions at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dDlscHBieTEzTkp1SDlWX1FEM1l3WkE6MQ as you feel like. The information we gather will help us as we move from initial design into implementation.

Please spread this post so we can get as much feedback as possible. Thanks!
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