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David Smith
Life has a way of making the foreseeable that which never happens, and the unforeseeable that which your life becomes.
Life has a way of making the foreseeable that which never happens, and the unforeseeable that which your life becomes.

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. . . and we're back
I've been nagged lately by an old idea: bringing a little more Chainmail into my D&D. As any of you who have survived my hiatuses (hiati?) know, this has been my Eleanor. I place the blame for its resurgence squarely with the esteemable Mr Simon Bull, of De...

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I'm Lazy, I'm Not Dead
Just when you thought all was safe in the blogosphere . . . I'm back. So, 7ish months is quite a spell. Of course, there's been work. Lots and lots of work. But, once I fell out of the habit of sharing these scattered thoughts, I fell hard. I still have the...

I've yet to play or run DW, though I really want to. This, though, has been a big question for me. Some things are obviously the province of the class in question, such as spellcasting. There are a lot of gray areas, though. I'm good with the notion of specialized talents, such as picking locks or breaking chains. It's the fringe cases that are tripping me up, especially when the fiction and weaving a good story are top priorities.

The part I'm not quite getting is rolling for these fringe areas. The fighter has a move to beat down a stubborn door. Let's say there's no fighter and a paladin is the best option. Does he just roll, without a specific move? If so, does the GM interpret the roll on the fly? 

This is really the last stumbling block I'm having with fully engaging with DW. I want to resolve it, because I really want to engage with DW (and the Apocalypse Engine in general). So, my big questions are:

1) Are moves the only thing that trigger rolls, or can a roll just be called for in response to the fiction


2) If rolls can be called for outside of moves, how is this adjudicated without invalidated established class moves

Any player with a basic grasp of the D&D paradigm will know that only a paladin can lay on hands, or only a druid can shapeshift. It's things like tracking (I'm a long way from being a ranger, but my grandfather taught me to read animal signs and tracks.) that beg the question. Would Discern Realities work for rudimentary tracking? Would Defy Danger work for some other things?

I could possibly see those working, but with less of a "best case" result. In other words, a non-ranger tracking wouldn't get additional details about his target. I could also see an unadjusted roll. Like saying if you want your wizard to batter down the door, roll but don't add STR.

This question also applies to more or less ordinary things that may not be so automatic. I can't think of specific examples right now, but we all know that there are fairly common things that come up in a game session in which the outcome might be in question. 

I hope this isn't too disjointed, as you can see I am somewhat vexed by this. I have some ideas, but I really want to hear from people that have actually played and what has worked for them. Thanks for any help.

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My take on alignment tongues.

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Alignment Language
I've been reading B/X these last couple of weeks. It came out when I was out of the gaming loop for a year, so I had never played or read it when it was new. In all likelihood, I wouldn't have read it had I known about its release. I was "advanced" by that ...

A while back I briefly mentioned Torchbearer on my blog. I like it quite a lot for what it is. That's the approach one must take with TB. You don't have to like it, but if you don't approach it on its terms, you'll be disappointed. Well, I was reading some forum posts about it, and lo! and behold! Here is what I consider to be a spot-on assessment of TB.

"Torchbearer is all about the bean-counting. It's a game in which you don't kick ass so much as scrabble messily in the grime, gouging at eyes and kneeing groins until you eventually come out on top, panting and bloodied. It's a game where you starve slowly, cold and alone, in the darkness of some gods-forsaken abbatoir because you screwed up."

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Quick Thoughts About Primes
This will be brief. It is just my thoughts on the main knocks I see about Primes and the SIEGE engine. Primes There are quite a few comments about Primes being a base target of 12, and non-Primes being base 18. It seems that many folks are more comfortable ...

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Breaking My Own Convention
There is a game, a game I've never talked about. I absolutely love this game. The reason I've never talked about it is that it violates one of my principle desires in a rules system: it isn't freely available. Even D&D is free now, so this is a bit of a sti...

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Thinking out loud about using only the basic rules (mostly) for a campaign.

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Thinking about using only the basic rules.
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