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Well, another amazing success story of One-Shot Podcast inspiration. After listening to the Feng Shui 2 episodes for the 3rd time or so and delighted with all the awesome 90’s references, I decided my next Feng Shui game had to be 90’s themed also.

League of Extraordinary “Gentlemen” 1990s.

(Playable PC’s)
Buffy Summers, - Matial Artist
Lara Croft, - Two Fisted Archaeologist
Hermione Grainger, - Sorcerer
90’s era Rust Cole, - Karate Cop
Connor Macleod - Swordsman
Eric Draven – Supernatural Creature

Alex Munday (possessed by the ghost of her ancestor David Lo Pan)
Caster Troy
Keyser Soze
Sub-Zero, Scorpion, Reptile.

Battling the forces of the underworld attempting to take over the world using a ritual drawing from the zeitgeist of the era and fear of the millennium bug. The villains being the latest incarnation of David lo Pan (Lucy Liu’s version of Charlies Angel Alex Munday) and Skynet  (skynets origin in this game being the literal “ghost in the machine” of Egon from ghostbusters after he mastered techno-Necromancy in the late 80’s)

The  first session was absolutely awesome and I definitely have One-Shots Feng Shui 2 episodes to thank for both inspiration and rules instruction. Thank you Kat and James, for once again paying forward great gaming moments!  

Just heard the one-shot guest star on "Fear The Boot" it was awesome! My two favourite podcasts of all time coming together!!!. Now I remember how I felt when Kato and Green Hornet guessed starred on the Adam West Batman TV show :)
Now you just have to convince them guest star on One-Shot and finally have them do a damn actual play! Great stuff.

Just finished running my convention game of Flight of The Robins. It went even better than I could have hoped, awesome players made it easy and the fantastic suggestion made by James and Kat really helped a lot. (hopefully One-Shot has earned a  couple of new Australian listeners as a  result  :) )  

Wanted to pass on a heartfelt thank you again for the awesome scenario (which was complimented a lot) and for taking the time to help me out with the advice on my previous post.

I sincerely recommend to any heroes looking for an awesome scenario for a convention. 

In summery; One-Shot rocks and Gotham is safe again ! 

As great as episode 86 "Witch Part 2" was, it was a harsh reminder of what a complete, freaking imbecile I am to be born as an arachnophobe in Australia....Its like being born in in New Zealand and being terrified of Hobbits. 

Only discovered the brilliance of these podcasts some months ago and now have FINALLY  caught up on both "Campaign" and "One-Shot" episodes. Thank you guys for making two of the VERRY few truly wonderful actual play podcasts.
Actual play recordings are an idea I have always loved the idea of, but have not found many that play to the strengths of the medium and make it entertaining to listen to. EXTRAORDINARY job.

Quick question on "Flight of the Robins", it was the first episode I listened to and loved it so much (still my favorite...although being an obsessive DC fan probably helps that fact) I ran it immediately for two separate game groups and game days. I now intend to run it at a local convention in my home city (Brisbane Australia) and was wondering if there was any added advice or materials that have been developed for it in recent times?
The scenario is great by itself and the running advice is quite substantial, but I was wondering if James, Kat or anyone else in the community who has run/played in it before had any first hand tips/advice to add extra awesome? For example have the villain stats ever been made available to the public?

Hey so possibly stupid question. How do you resolve the idea of "open" bluffing or social skills on a job. So if you want to use social skills on a guard NPC but DON'T have a disguise, in the sense you may not be disguising yourself at all (like a player did in my play-test on the guard outside the tavern in the beginning).
Is your hand still dependent on the stealth level? I mean you aren't hiding per se, you aren't disguised at all, just walking up and trying to con your way past them etc. "I'm just a new guest" or "I want to become a new guest" etc. Basically do you have to be hiding (stealth level) or disguised (disguised level) at all times to have a hand at all?? 
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