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Minka Tsoneva (Mimipet)
© => A citizen of the Planet Earth!
© => A citizen of the Planet Earth!

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Google Killed Panoramio!

This is my letter I sent to Google right now via Moderator’s forum of Panoramio.

Dear Google, why we cannot see information and comments under our photos?

I wished to copy some of them before the end next year.
I even started to do it but I did not have enough time to do everything.

I asked you if the comments will be visible after 4 of November here?

You said that you will close after 4, at the beginning you even wrote from 5 of November!
But we are still 4 of November 2016!

Why so?

Why we are not able at least to see and copy comments and information for our photos?

I took a lot of time to find the right information for photos I present and I wished to save it!

It was the last unpleasant and very bad thing you did, Not only with me but with all the community of Panoramio!

I think now your rating will go done and it will be your the most big error you did!

You had not to close Panoramio!

The platform of Panoramio and Google Earth was more useful and well done!

Instead Google Maps is not looking well and it is full with photos of bad quality and people close up!

If you think it is good and we wish to see this in maps, you are wrong!

Pity you did not understand anything and you used all the community and their photos for your needs and in the battle with Facebook!


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Арап Хоро и Невено Моме с Хопа-Тропа в Торино, Италия
Arap Horo e Neveno Mome con Hopa-Tropa a Torino, Italia
Arap Horo and Neveno Mome with Hopa-Tropa in Turin, Italy
Ако живеете в или в близост до Торино, заповядайте да поиграете с нас Български Народни Хора!
Se siete di o dintorni di Torino, vinite a ballare con noi Danza Bulgara Popolare!
If you live in or near Turin, come to dance with us Bulgarian Folk dances!
Посетете ни тук / Visitate / Visit us:

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Това е нашата малка, но много ентусиазирана група за Български Народни Хора в Торино, Италия.
Ако живеете в Торино или в близост до града, и ако имате желание, заповядайте да си тропнете с нас Хорце!

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Minka Tsoneva (Mimipet) commented on a post on Blogger.
Много ги обичам! :-)

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Minka Tsoneva (Mimipet) commented on a post on Blogger.
Тези Прасковки и ние ги правехме на времето с мама! Детски спомени! :-)

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Me in photos during the years!

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Attention!!! - Error in our pages in Panoramio!!!
It happened one strange thing also now.

If I open my profile:

I see only 8 pages with photos!

But they are 49 pages!!!!

Then If I go and open one photo and then from its page I open my profile I can see all 49 page!

It is very strange thing and I already wrote this in the moderators forum!

But you should do in similar way to see all your photos!

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