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64% of Brits have used an online device while watching TV in the last month. Find out more about the Second Screening revolution and how it's impacting search trends:

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This week's #MarketeroftheWeek  goes to Dave Trott - for reminding us that the message is just as, if not more, important than the medium:

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The Curious mind: Why go Multi-screen with +Google
Designing the experience for a Multi-screen World

[Multi-Screen World Study & Case study]

1. Understanding Cross-platform Consumer Behavior:
2. The Multi-Screen Olympics:  
3. MY M&M’S Sees Sweet Success with Enhanced
4. Reaching Today's Constantly Connected Consumer (series): 
5. More data & infographics from Google Dashboard:

[Go to multi-screen]

1. Knowing how: 
How to Approach Multi-Device Sites for Your Business?

2. Go to action:
A. Test your site (
B. Use resources to build your multi-device site
- Examples of Great Adaptive User Experience (
- Developer Articles and Resources (

3. YouTube in multi-screen
Designing Products for a Multi-screen World: The YouTube Perspective (

Multi screen is perhaps the ability to switch back and forth between "universal" and "personal" level whenever or wherever we want. (Watch the YouTube perspective presentation). What do you think?

- Why Go Multi-Screen? by +Think with Google:
- Google Dashboard (image):  

#curiousmind   #multiscreen   #thinkwithgoogle     #google  

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1 de cada 3 #Milenio   dicen que han comprado un producto después de haber visto una vídeo de ayuda #ThinkWithGoogle  

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I Looooooove VideoPak.

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