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Photographer, Traveler, Engineer


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In 11+ years at Google, there's been very little I've worked on that could be discussed publicly, so it's pretty exciting that we're revealing a little bit more about our frontend serving infrastructure -- and letting the world use it too via Cloud Platform.  Kudos to Simon for a great video -- it shows how our team has altered and improved the flow of every single packet coming into Google, multiple times, and covers a number of projects I TPMed. (Also, it features my crayon art. :-))
Today for the first time we've revealed how Google scaled its frontend infrastructure and how you can now take advantage of our technology by using Google Cloud Platform.

Putting Google's Network to work for You

I want to give a huge thank you to +Trisha Weir , who not only created all the drawings in the presentation but also TPM'ed many of the projects covered here.

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Ocean Beach - March 2010. Technically we were supposed to be shopping for groceries for the SRE ski trip, but after three hours of cheese and prosciutto tasting (oh the humanity) and loading up bulk groceries at Rainbow, we needed a break. We'd heard that the tsunami watch (in the wake of the earthquake) was off, but that the beach looked amazing. Confirmed.

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