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Llewellyn Stevens
Renaissance everyman.
Renaissance everyman.

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oh good pisspiggranddad is still alive

also: twitter is a weird place that leads you to being concerned over the wellbeing of someone who calls themselves pisspiggrandad / LENIN_LOVER69

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So a mate of mine visited a pizza place in NZ and...

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Very good read on unionism in Australia, how it's lost its way, and what to focus on to get it back on track -

"But for a social movement such as unionism the real game is... in what you do to build permanent organised power in workplaces and communities. Real social movements drive electoral politics, they don’t respond to it. Most politicians are followers, not leaders. Politicians don’t just want to stand next to powerful social movements, but have to if they want to win. The path to real influence for organised workers in politics is not in temporary electoral mechanics."

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"I wonder how things are going back in Australia"



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jfc bojack

bit even on to season two, but jfc

btw i have a ps4 now and am playing destiny like a madman, I am GiraffeHatstand on PSN

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I wrote a thing about the recent decision by the Greens on the Age Pension, and why I support it.  Hint: it's about getting the next bit right.
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