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90s Grunge
source Despite its close association with Punk and Hippies, subcultures which were fuelled by music and politics and utilised their dress sense to make strong statements, grunge was driven more by music and self-expression-sadness, giving a voice to Generat...

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Don't worry, be hippy.
source The term ‘hippie’ derived from the word ‘hipster’ was used to describe the beatniks who had moved into the Greenwich Village in New York City or the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco. The fundamental ethos included harmony with nature and arti...

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Vivienne Westwood and the Birth of Punk
source One of the most iconic and influential designers of the 20th Century, Dame Vivienne Westwood, celebrates her 74th birthday this week and in light of this momentous occasion we thought we’d share with you Vivienne Westwood and the birth of Punk Rock. ...

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The Emergence of Subcultures.
The emergence of
youth subcultures in post-World War II Britain was “ one of the most
striking and visible manifestations of social change in the period ” (Hall and Jefferson, 1976:9).  The transitional
period from childhood to adulthood became known as ‘ y...
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