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Chaya Selig
Wife, Mom, Bubby, Teacher, Reader, Foodie
Wife, Mom, Bubby, Teacher, Reader, Foodie

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Thai Chicken San Choy Bau
It says, "thai" so I have to like the Thai Chicken San Choy Bau that we are making this week in our Donna Hay Wednesday group.  It was a bit spicy and the chopped chicken was a nice change of pace. Kayte selected this recipe from On the Shelf on page 124.  ...

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Cabbage Casserole
I have been trying with a minimum of success to share with you the recipes I made for the jewish holidays.  I look at my photos and unfortunately, in some cases, I have no idea what they are.  Kugels and casseroles have similar looks.  I am guessing, this i...

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Roasted Brussels Sprouts (Broccoli) with Parmesan and Vincotto
This week, Gaye chose Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Parmesan and Vincotto from the Donna Hay magazine,  Jun/Jul 2015 on page 88. I have a few stores where I do my food shopping and it all depends on where I am at shopping time which one I go to.  This week,...

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I make salmon, so often, it is easy to confuse my recipes. We love salmon so I admit, it is hard for us to consider almost any salmon recipe, a failure. Some are not particularly good looking but tasty, they are. This one, my guests also loved, so it is ...

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Mini Pumpkin Jar Cakes
Peggy selected a unique recipe, Mini Pumpkin Jar Cakes found on page 291 in Weeknight Wonders.   This was easy or quick to make, and I used pumpkin pie spice in place of the various individual spices which made it even easier. I ate it hot out of the microw...

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Chocolate, Banana and Coconut Muffins --- Donna Hay
This is a dessert week for the WwDH bakers.  We made  Chocolate, Banana, and Coconut Muffins.  I skipped the coconut because my grandchildren were visiting and they don't like coconut.  Instead, chocolate chips made a major difference to them. These were ea...

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Something Sweet
I am coming back to blogging slowly but surely.  It is hard not to have this as a daily discipline and then expect to jump in full force.  I couldn't do it.  I think, once I get a few days posted in a row, I will pick up the volume and hopefully fill you in...

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Egg Noodles with Onions, Caraway, and Parsley
This week,  I selected this recipe for EwE but I unfortunately did not post it in time for our weekly Thursday cooking.  Better late than never definitely is proven because this turned out to be a fantastic side dish.  The noodle with caramelized onions, ga...

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Simple Vanilla Cake (with Caramel Chips)
I am recovering from the Jewish holidays and I am not really back blogging but I did bake this cake from Donna Hay for  my company.  I took some chocolate nutty candy and put it in the food processor and dropped it in globs on top of the cake.  I also added...

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Zucchini Pastrami Kugel
I was right when I said, I would not be able to post for a while.  I have cooked literally dozens of new dishes but had no time to blog.  I thought, I would get at least one here to prove I didn't forget you. The holiday, we are celebrating is Succos and it...
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