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Getting started with Ruby on Rails
Hello ... I found it very easy and awesome framework to work with, till now. I've just started learning ruby on rails, as I love to work with challenging new technologies. let's get started. It is a such framework that will allow you to work on rapid develo...

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Make your lan PC as Git Server
You need to run the following command Command to start git server (on lan pc) sudo git daemon --base-path="<path_to_[dot]git_dir>" --listen="<local_lan_ip>" --port="<port>" --export-all Command to clone from local lan git server git clone git://<local_lan_i...

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Download files using cUrl
Curl command can be used to download a file (zip, mp3, mp4) curl {file_url} > filename_to_store.extension

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load data from csv file to database directly no programing logic, only a single query #database   #mysql  

Come out from your self and enjoy the great play of god - "THE LIFE"

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I like it
Helps you to test web fonts on any web site on the fly! Enter the site URL and preview instantly the fonts with-out any hassle!


#webdesign   #webdevelopment  
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